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We all know that I take my job seriously and that I work hard and I most importantly LOVE my job... well I used to any way.

Last Wednesday I had gotten a call from a co-worker/slash friend (I helped her get the job where I used to work) saying I needed to kiss the ground she walked on because she had did all my charting that I didn't do all weekend and that state was going to be in the facility for the next three days. I though oh thank god I don't work the next two at least. So the next day I got a call from the DON saying that I needed to call state that they were in the next room and that to only give what they asked for and nothing else. So I did that then after I do that I get a call about 15 minutes later from the DON again.

I want to also say to the that DON used to be a nurse that I worked under on nights she had just gotten her RN and they gave her the DON spot because the other DON didn't do anything at all8, didn't take over for the ADON when needed didn't thank us didn't say its ok good job thank you for doing what you could nothing and the new DON who we were sort of close I thought was going to make things a lot better and wouldn't be getting on us for stupid stuff but Ive learned too its not her it's the owner that will do that and he don't know nothing about running a business that's for sure.

But anyway I get another call and she says that I need to come in to fill out this paper work and I said ok I thought that it was for all other CNAs too not just me. Wrong. She handed me a blank piece of computer paper and said right on here I wear gloves when caring for residents I am gentle with the residents and I speak kindly to the residents. I looked around and then looked at her and smiled and said ok because the gloved thing isn't all the time, its just depends what Im doing for the resident and If I know the resident and If I have washed my hands recently. And I always go and wash my hands and use a sanitizer after words We went in to her office and I wrote this thinking oh ok well maybe state just needs me to write this for proof white lies don't hurt anyone.

So I write this and sign it thinking eh no big deal. She turns and reads it then takes her glasses off and say. I have gotten a few complaints about you that you are rough with some of the residents and that you are verbally abusive. I said what the *** I am not yeah I might get firm with a few but I have never cussed or insulted any of my residents I try my best to smile and use a polite tone even when they are a pain and I have never been intentionally rough and when I have I always apologized and tried to be gentler I told about one situation recently with one resident that has gotten people fired for stupid stuff and I know she was one and probably the only one because shes the only one that I can think of that told me that I was a little rough and that I also told she was going to have to wait a minute because I was busy changing a few that hadn't been changed all night and I had been in this residents room more than 10 times.

Then she asked me about the gloves when I deal with bedpans. I said well if It's a clean bed pan I don't see the point just roll them set it under them and put them on it then put gloves on take them off clean them up when I clean the bed pan have gloves on. There has only been a few times I have wiped a bottom with no gloves and I didn't get nothing on my hands and I went and scrubbed my hands with hot water and soap and then sanitized.

Dumbly I asked who is saying that I am being rough or that I have verbally abused them? Knowing the answer she said well I can't tell you that you know I can't tell you that. So with this said I have to put you on a three day suspension and I have to investigate this and I will call you Monday and tell you whether you have a job right then and there I wished that I wasn't in my sweats and my oversized t-shirt because it looks like I need to start looking for another job and like right now! This happened to another aide that we worked with too. Low and behold I get a call at around 5:45 pm that same day.

Well I have gone through the paper work and It all adds up so at this time I am going to have to terminate you at this time. I didn't beg or plead I just said honestly I don't remember of ever doing that stuff to anyone and I know I didnt I don't know why I am being terminated I honestly don't understand. She replies well its all here in the black and white I'm sorry. Please come in tomorrow I need you to sign some stuff.

Please promise me you will come in. I said yeah sure. I hung up as she said I am so sorry. So the next day before I get up to go in I think to myself should I dress all professionally like Im going to an interview and be likey eah got an interview at some place that hires ***** right off the street like this one (I didn't even have a proper interview just a heres the taxpapers you need to sign some papers to read tonight and when can you start at the place I got terminated from) but I thought no that takes to much energy I'm just going to wear my nice jeans and chuck Taylors and my oversized hoodie, it was like 62 that day. And Im going to be smug and snotty and a little rude. So I sign this paper that said being terminated for verbal allegations and improper infection control practices. I thought really I came all this way for this!

Then she went out to the copy machine told me to follow the ADON followed us and another office nurse. They stayed behind us and while the receptionist and the activities director was there I asked what about my next pay checks I heard one girl didn't get paid for her last two pay checks and I believe it from this place I don't trust it financially. The DON said now they have to pay you/ I say like I said I don't trust this place. She says let me go check and the whole time I'm waiting there I hear the ADON and the other office nurse behind me whispering. And I'm thinking if they are saying I'm crazy I can show you crazy the kind of crazy that got me kicked out of Wal-Mart when I was in 8th grade the kind of crazy that made me find out Icould get out of a strait jacket.

The DON comes back covers the side of her face so no one can hear and tells me how they are going to pay me, I then looked at her smiled and said loud enough for everyone to hear me. Thank you for terminating me I'm glad that you terminated me I don't trust this place It's a joke and I'm glad I'm getting out while I still can I'm going to go get me a job in a factory good riddance and I stormed out. I was then wishing as I got in to my jeep I wish I would have called them some names and said now that's verbal abuse! And then spit on the ground and be like and that's breaking infection control!

But I kept my cool because I wouldn't want it done to me if I was in there position. Im just bitter I guess because Its like I gave my all to this place I came in on my days off sometimes to fill in I worked over when needed most of the time. I never called off unless I had a honest to god good reason or emergency but even then I always tried to find my own coverage before calling in. I tried my best with what I was given I made sure all the residents werent in there waste before I left and now this happens they know I would never abuse my residence and they know that I am a frequent hand washer and I always wear my gloves 98percent of the time.

So now Im an unemployed CNA but that's the thing after all this I don't know If I want to be a CNA and then got to school to be an RN or if I should just go get a job in a factory or a minimum wage job for now and just wait. I know that if I don't want to be a nurse I want to be a dental hygienist My job as an aide helped me gain good brushing skills of other peoples teeth LMAO. I have applied at one factory that all my friends work at and part of my family. But after reading nursing blogs and articles I think well maybe I should go and try being an aide at another facility one that is better staffed and has 8 hour shifts and isn't as hectic as the last one I worked at. Then another part of me tells me no I don't think I can do it again at least not right away

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Well, I did get through it all----I'll be honest, it was incredibly hard to read, LOL!!! That said, it doesn't sound like you'll miss this facility at all, so perhaps its a blessing in disguise! Now's a great time to explore your options and maybe start working on some pre-req's while you decide where you're heart lies. You'll need A&P and micro for either nursing or dental hygiene, some of the same communications and psych classes too.

And there's NO way I'd ever be near someone's peri area without gloves. Either before OR after the job is done!!

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