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  1. Hey nurses!
    My first time working in Sub acute LTC I was 6 months pregnant and extremely overwhelmed. I didn't know left from right or up from down. I had one good nurse show me things but he didn't always work with me and to be honest it discouraged me from ever going back. Now that i have more experience and currently doing homecare. I'm somewhat bored with just sitting, there were things i missed about LTC like fast paced and more interaction. But i hated being confused, having questions no one was around to answer, or just being so far behind med pass you just want to leave.

    My children are now 4 and 10 months i want better pay and a different work environment. LTC seems to always hire and they always call for placement but i turn them down the minute i hear 20+ patients per nurse. Is this just me or should i feel more comfortable with less patients? I want to start back at LTC just need help feeling secure. What should I do or what questions should i ask upon hiring?
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    Don't turn down a position just because you hear 20+ patients, ask questions like if there will be a med tech available on your shift, how many CNA's will you have on your shift, how acute are these patients and how much could that change with new admissions etc. I take care of 30 patients if we are a full house and it's really not as intimidating as you may think. I have lots of help and able to delegate appropriately to other staff members. I really do think LTC providers need to have excellent time management skills, but it truly is a rewarding field.

    Oh, I was a new grad before I did home health for 2 years and then went to a LTC facility. I agree with you about being bored, just sitting and I was scared making the change to LTC but I'm so glad I did.
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    Thank you for sharing.
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    I'm suppose to start at a hospital ranging from 21-41 depending where they place me if they ever call back. Lol