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Tennessee Tech Center???Anyone?

is anyone here attending any of the tennessee technology centers? i'm especially interested in the livingston/red boiling springs school. anyone go there or know anything about it? thanks for any info.


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I am currently enrolled in the TTC at Shelbyville. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I am from the Cookeville area.

Good Luck

Hey I just saw your thread with the inquiries to Tenn Tech. I am signed up to take the NET in the Athens office on April the 6th. I don't really know much about the program other than the info they provided me. I am a little nervous though. They have been testing for the NET since October and they only have 35 seats. I wonder how many people are testing for them??? It makes me nervous, because I went and signed up for the NET in January and the first thing they had was in April.

*I emailed this to you as well.

I'm a Hoosier myself, but my baby sister moved to TN. I believe this is where she is attending....do they have a campus near Dunalp, Chattanooga area?


There is a program in Chattanooga through Chattanooga State. I have a feeling though that I have a better chance of going up against people from this "certain area", if you know what I mean!!

I just get frustrated that they won't give me any info about how they choose from all of the applicants! I have feeling like I am competing against other people. Especially since I have been out of school for 8 years and some of them will be fresh out of HS. Oh well there is nothing I can do about that I guess!!

That's pretty much how it was when I applied last year and the year b4- they had so many applicants and only a few openings. I didn't get in two years in a row, and like someone who said they were wondering how they chose the applicants, I was wondering the same. At first I had heard that the NET scores didn't really count for much as long as you acheived the minimum score they wanted, you recieved an application. I got tired of sitting home and waiting to get into a nursing program so enrolled at Nashville college for medical assistant, will graduate in July. One of my instructors there said that they score the appicants.....for example, the NET is like 10%, the interview is 20%, any credentials.....so much % and so on. I know the essay we had to write counted as so much also. I would like to apply to Red Boiling or Livingston after I graduate this program, and I'm hoping that having the MA credential and good grades in this 9 month program will help me get in this time. They say you're more likely to get in if you're a CNA though. Oh yea, my instructor also said anything that you fill out for them counts as points and to try to be as professional as possible on your apps. I remember the first time applying I did actually write my name in the wrong place and had to draw a line through it, and had used liquid paper a bit also. (You know ya can't use liquid paper on pt records!) So I'm sure that made me look really bright also! Meb...good luck on your NET- and getting into the program- I can't wait to apply again. Everyone tells me I should just go on to work in a doc's office as Ma after I graduate but there's no money for MA's and certainly not many choices as to where you can work. Thanks for the replies. I didn't get an email from you Meb, but my spam blocker may have blocked it. If you do find out any other pointers as to how they choose their applicants please share the info! Thx!



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