Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program Summer 2013

  1. This thread is for those who are applying for the nurse residency program at Vanderbilt. I thought this would be a great place to keep up to date Inge selection process and make connections with new friends and colleagues. I am currently in my final year of nursing school at UCCS in Colorado. My goals are to be accepted for the adult critical care track an then return to school and become a CRNA. I know the job market is very competitive, especially for residency programs. I completed the online application 2 days ago and am waiting to hear back for more instructions. Good luck to everyone
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  3. by   esf08001
    Hi! Sounds like we have the exact same plan. I applied to critical care also and want to go to CRNA school. I go school in CT. I haven't finished my online application yet, too busy with school right now.
  4. by   clee5
    I just received the packet from Vanderbilt outlining the application process. Hopefully I will be able to get it in before Christmas. It sounds like this is a pretty competitive program to get into.
  5. by   CharlieChase
    I just sent in my online application yesterday for the psychiatric track. My hopes are to one day become a PNP or FNP. I go to school in Maine, and while I must admit I do love psych - I am afraid it will leave me with limited overall skills!
  6. by   clee5
    I think you will do great in psych. From what I understand there are a shortage of psych nurses.
  7. by   hoosierstudent
    Hello. I am a senior at Indiana University. I am going to apply for the women's health track in hopes of one day becoming a CNM. I haven't quite completed the online application, also a bit busy with school. Good luck to everyone!
  8. by   a.jones39
    Hey all! I'm a senior at University of Louisiana at Lafayette applying for the pediatric track. I have a passion for newborns (I work as a tech in the well-baby nursery at a local hospital) and would love to pursue a career in NICU- possibly even as an NNP. I haven't quite finished the online app- I'll deal with that after finals Best of luck to you all!
  9. by   snfairfax
    Hi everyone! I applied online this past friday and am anxiously waiting for the packet to be emailed to me! I emailed one of the nurse recruiters and she said this could take up to 72 business hours. I'm SO bad at waiting for things like this, so I keep checking my email every two seconds! I'm applying for the pediatric track! Anyone else?
  10. by   snfairfax
    Got my packet today! Excited to fill it out!
  11. by   gatornurse2013
    Hey all! I go to school in Florida and I have been working on my online application. For those of you who have gotten the packet, what all does it entail?
  12. by   clee5
    Not much. Th online application is just a lot of copy and paste and adding you references. However, it does ask for employment, volunteer, and leadership experience, which I have none. Is anyone else in this boat? I have spent so much time trying to get through school, that I didn't have time to work or volunteer
  13. by   snfairfax

    I'm in the same boat with volunteering! I haven't done volunteer work since high school! haha.. I wonder if shadowing someone in a hospital setting counts? I didn't get paid! :P
  14. by   tyager
    Hi everyone!! I completed my packet a couple of weeks ago so here is some information for those that havent received the packet yet. You have to submit a resume, letter of intent, 4 clinical references, work expereince, volunteer expereince, and choose the area you want to go into (you only get to choose one). You do not have to get recommendation letters, they will email the references you list and have them complete a recommendation form. Hopefully this was helpful information!