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This thread is for those who are applying for the nurse residency program at Vanderbilt. I thought this would be a great place to keep up to date Inge selection process and make connections with new... Read More

  1. by   CharlieChase
    I felt that the questions were simple but that I made it hard on myself answering them. It's tough being in the interviewee position and I am sure they take that into consideration. Chin up, and good luck
  2. by   LauraJeanB
    I completely left something out during the interview, so at the end right before I left I tried to squeeze it in like 'also _______, I forgot to say that before' and I'm pretty sure it made me sound ridiculous. Oh well!
  3. by   jacqui13
    Quote from liljay272
    did anyone else feel the interview was really hard:/ i didd
    I am sure you were brilliant! Did you end up flying or driving? The interview was what I expected it to be from everyone's feedback. I thought it was difficult in the sense that no matter how much you research and prepare for an interview like this, you really never know. The examples you may have prepared for the interview may not match up to the questions asked. It was tough thinking of answers on the spot, but I feel like my interview went well and that it was a great experience. For me, if it's meant to be, it will be. The good news is that this whole experience is on a point system. Everyone has a fair chance to make a great impression on the application and on the interview!
  4. by   snfairfax
    I have my interview tomorrow!!! I'm SO nervous/ excited
  5. by   CharlieChase
    Quote from snfairfax
    I have my interview tomorrow!!! I'm SO nervous/ excited
    Good luck on your interview! Let us know how it goes!
  6. by   snfairfax
    Thank you! I think it went well!! People on here weren't lying though, it's SO hard to tell how you did because everyone's so nice!! all I can say is practice situational based questions! They too up about 90% of the interview! Good luck to everyone who has yet to go! Mid April is gonna take forever to get here!!!
  7. by   jspb
    So nervous about their answer!!! I agree, mid april is going to seem like forever from right now . Fingers crossed, and good luck to everyone!
  8. by   AliciaHicks
    I have been reading everyone's comments on here and I'm very comforted by the fact that im not the only dying from suspense and feels the interview went horribly. Every time my email dings on my phone my heart stops for like 5 mins then I take a big breath and look to see if its them, never yet. I know its to early but all the other notifications were early and im so anxious.
  9. by   snfairfax
    When did they say interviews would run though? March 29?
  10. by   CharlieChase
    Looking back at the emails I received, it does indeed say that they run through March 29th. Getting closer!
  11. by   jspb
    how is everyone getting through these last couple of weeks before they know their final say? Am I the only one going nuts with anxiety here? I have a hard time sleeping! lol
  12. by   Ginger2013
    Hi everyone! Sorry this post is late, however I just found out about this site not long ago. I interviewed for the medical/surgical track. I have not seen many that interviewed for that one. I too have too started to become very nervous. I am almost scared to check my emails.
  13. by   jspb
    Me too! Yea, it seems that a lot of people did peds and critical care. I also haven't seen that many med/surg. Did you the one that is no preference over medical or surgical? Or did you pick one?

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