UofM Spring 2018..

  1. Has or is anyone applying for Spring 2018 nursing program?
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  3. by   hbnursing
    I am! Just sent my application in last week.
  4. by   HFavored1
    Yay!! We probably won't hear anything until October, November you think??
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  5. by   hbnursing
    I'm *hoping* the end of October! I saw where last year they had their decisions by then. What are your stats if you don't mind me asking?
  6. by   HFavored1
    I'm taking Micro, Statistics and Nutrition this Fall but I have a 3.6 overall right now. B's in A&P 1and 2. Going to try my best to get A's in my remaining classes. Have you finished all your prerequisites? Did you apply for accelerated or traditional?
  7. by   hbnursing
    I'm so worried I'm not going to get in. I have an A in A&P l, B in the lab. Both C's in A&P ll and the lab. B in Micro and Micro Lab. I messed around taking A&P ll and the lab but I guess I can always retake it if I don't get in. I applied for the traditional program! I've finished all prereq's except speech. But my advisor said I can do that over the summer sometime if I get in.
  8. by   HFavored1
    I really don't think you should be worried. Those aren't bad at all!! I applied for the traditional as well. I applied for Baptist too but I really want UofM. Can't pray and worry I had to make myself have COMPLETE faith in God. Plus you have everything completed. You will be fine!
  9. by   hbnursing
    Thank you! I applied for UTHSC also. Memphis is my first choice. But you're right, it's His plan, not ours!
  10. by   HFavored1
    Yes! UT would be great too...but let me know if you hear anything and I will do the same.
  11. by   HFavored1
    Have you checked your application status? Mine says "under review".
  12. by   hbnursing
    Just checked, mine says under review too!
  13. by   HFavored1
    I have not been able to think about anything else today! I'm excited and soooooo nervous at the same time. I wasnt expecting that so soon.
  14. by   hbnursing
    I wasn't either! I didn't think they would be under review until after the deadline.

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