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Hello guys I am applying to Union University Accelerated BSN program to start Fall 2015. I have open this thread for anyone who is applying, but also for any nursing students that would like to... Read More

  1. by   ams0822
    Hey there! I just finished my first semester at the Jackson campus. My only advice to you is to get as many prereqs out of the way as possible like: Micro, developmental psych, and statistics. My semester wasn't as crazy as the others in my program because I didn't have to take as many courses. They just said it was rough having all of those together with Patho. Hope is helps!
  2. by   fbaldwin1
    Hi Faiza1891,

    Did you complete the Accelerted BSN program at Union? If so, how was the program/clinicals? Did you get private loans to pay for the program?
  3. by   rollypolly17
    livelovelearnRN, BSN, RN! Do you have a sample schedule of what classes are like?
  4. by   briddle
    Hello All

    I am interested in the Accelerated BSN program at the German town campus. I have a couple of questions.
  5. by   bscruggs
    Hi! I graduated the University of Tennessee Knoxville in May 2015 with a Psychology degree. My GPA was low (I messed up my first year and was sick) and graduated with a 2.67. I immediately started taking classes in the fall to raise my gpa and apply for nursing schools. I am wanting to apply to the Spring Cohort Accelerated BSN program at the Hendersonville campus. After taking summer classes I will have a 3.02(hopefully) for the last 60 hours of my coursework. My recommendations and experiences are incredible, as I work at Vanderbilt and have gotten most of the doctors to write me letters. I am so beyond worried that I will not get in because I made a C- and D+ in biology 101 and chemistry II my freshman year. Has anyone made below a C in natural/social science classes and still gotten in?
  6. by   knnvo
    Anyone still keeping the books?

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