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  1. Hey all -
    I'm thinking about taking some online classes through the Univ of Memphis this spring.
    Can anyone tell me about Health Assessment or Nutrition (I think they also have nutrition for healthcare?)

    How hard/in depth/time consuming are they?

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  3. by   marvinskbaby1
    I'm in my fourth semester at the U of M. You can take nutrition online, but health assessment is a nursing course and you must be admitted into the nursing program to take it and it isn't offered online. It's a pretty easy class though.
  4. by   Mommy TeleRN
    marvin - it appears from this page that it is offered online

    Spring 2007 Distance Education Courses

    I would be taking it as part of the RN-BSN program. My comm college has a dual enrollment program so I could get started in it while finishing my last semester of nursing classes for my ADN.

    One student in our program took the Health Assessment during our Foundations semester.

    I'm glad to hear it's not too hard. I had REALLY planned to ONLY taking Med Surg II in my final semester but I really need the extra financial aid. My school doesn't offer Staffords but if I take 6h at Univ of Memphis they will consider me full time (since they have the dual enrollment) and I can get a full Stafford for the semester..which would help so much.. esp since most of the memphis hospitals will pay back loans. I can use the loan to pay off my bills lol. I'm hoping it will work out to be a win/win! I'm talking to my advisor hopefully on Monday to see if we can make it happen.
  5. by   mauxtav8r
    Good luck in your program. If you are relying on taking a course online through the U of M nursing school, call them first or check out the actual listings on TigerWeb if you are already enrolled. They tweak the program every semester and the selection of online courses changes regularly.

    I notice in the link that you provided a couple of classes listed that I know are not offered online this spring (Gero for one).

    I just finished my second semester at U of M Nursing School (three semesters to go!)

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