TN Wesleyan Fall 2012

  1. Anyone else waiting for their letter? They go out Friday!
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  3. by   chelauren
    I got my letter on Wednesday and I got in! Did you hear back?
  4. by   ComingSoon
    I got mine Wednesday too and I'm in! So excited!
  5. by   chelauren
    Congrats! Do you know if you're going there?
  6. by   ComingSoon
    Yeah, I already sent in my acceptance! haha I applied to TWC and Roane State. I haven't heard back from Roane yet but TWC was my first choice anyway. Are you planning on going to TWC?
  7. by   chelauren
    I sent in my acceptance! I applied to there and LMU, but I won't hear back from LMU until June.. so TWC it is! They were my first choice anyways
  8. by   ComingSoon
    Yay! Do you have anymore classes to take this summer? I'm taking a few to finish up my pre-reqs.
  9. by   chelauren
    I've got micro, religion and fine arts this summer.. Full schedule but it's worth it!
  10. by   ComingSoon
    Absolutely worth it! I will be taking three or four classes too. I took A&P 1 & 2 plus stats together last summer - you will do great! Where are you taking your classes?

    I basically crammed the entire two years worth of pre-reqs into one year so I still have a few to go but I don't mind. I really enjoy school! haha
  11. by   chelauren
    I can't believe you crammed 2 years worth into one! Kudos to you for finishing them & doing well I'm taking micro & fine arts at PSTCC but I'm taking religion at TWC. What do you have left to take?
  12. by   ComingSoon
    I have finally found my passion so it made it a little easier to force myself to get it done. I still have two literature classes, a history and philosophy class left. I took all of my pre-reqs at Pellissippi.
  13. by   chelauren
    Dang! You can do it though. At least there's no more sciences left. I took all my pre-req's at pell too.
  14. by   ComingSoon
    I'll take the sciences over these other classes any day! Literature is not something I enjoy much! :-)