Student Opportunities in TN

  1. Hey everybody, I'm still pretty new to the forums here and I am currently a first year in the nursing program at UT Martin and I was wondering if there are any jobs available that any of you know about in the TN area. I would prefer NW Tennessee as I am from Martin, but I'd love to here all about any places you work.

    My ideal place is to work in the ICU somewhere and do 12 hour shifts, but beggers can't be choosers. I'd like to start getting my foot in the door at someplace nice. Thank you for all of the input!
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    I know Jackson-General has an Intern program that you can enter after you've completed your first semester. Might want to give their recruitment a call.
  4. by   Gauge
    Thank you very much for the information, I will look into it!
  5. by   Gauge
    So does anyone know anything about the hospitals in Jackson? I think I would like to work there once I get out because it is a larger hospital and my ultimate goal would be to goto CRNA school. Just wondering if anyone had any input on any of them and how they treat their nurse externs.
  6. by   HopeItWorksDNP
    Try Baptist in Huntingdon as well. Unless you are opposed to working in a small hospital. You can learn a lot there. Good luck. If you're interested pm me and I can tell you how to get in touch with the NM.
  7. by   Gauge
    I'm not entirely opposed to working in a small hospital, but my ultimate goal is to goto CRNA school and they prefer a larger hospitals ICU as experience. After talking to a CRNA in the area he said that Jacksons CVICU was the best around hands down other than Nashville.
  8. by   Gauge
    To all those interested:

    I contacted a few of the hospitals in the area and got pay rates for students. Some hospitals may have more info that others....not saying that the other hospitals don't have this...just what I know.

    Jackson County Madison General: $12 an hour for students no shift diff. Have to be within 1 year of graduating your program to apply. Can apply for any floor and once you graduate the starting pay is $19.xx something an hour plus shift diff and night diff. Don't have to sign a contract.

    HCMC (Paris): Can Apply at any part of your program and starting pay is $12 plus $1.50 shift diff. After 90 days and after 1 year you get a raise. I think it puts you at about $14-$15 after 1 year. Once you graduate you have to work medsurg for a year and have to contract through them. Starting pay is $18.xx something for RNs plus the differentials. Also get 3 weeks paid vacation first year.

    Baptist (Union City): Starting pay for Sophomore BSN students is $9.xx something and after you complete your junior year you get $14 an hour. No differentials. Once you get your RN you get $19.xx something an hour, pretty sure they said they don't give weekend differential pay. You pretty much float to wherever they need you as a student. With your RN they have a full time, no benefits, position that pays $25 an hour, but you must work 2 holidays per year and at least 1 weekend a month. Also another position that pays $28 something, but I forgot what the job description is and if it includes benefits.

    Hope this info helps anyone, if anyone knows anything I don't or have hospitals they would like to share info on please do. The numbers should be relatively close, but they aren't exact.