Southwest TN CC

  1. Anyone went to Southwest TN Community College? How was the staff there in the NS? I go there now and I'm almost done with my pre-regs. I'm going to apply soon for their Nursing School. Can anyone tell me what to expect? How is the clinicals? Was it hard to get the hang of the studies there?

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  3. by   Mommy TeleRN
    I can't tell you much..but I work with another intern who goes there and seems to enjoy it. We also have a nurse who is an instructor there and seems very on her game. All in all have heard good things. What semester will you be applying for?
    Did you ever figure out about the CNA thing? I asked a CNA I work with and she said she went to Rice but they are no longer in biz..sorry I couldn't be more help!

  4. by   ejonesstudent
    Hi! I am at SWTCC, in their nursing program. I am going into my second semester this fall. If you have any questions feel free to email me at
  5. by   SASSYOBRN
    I attended this school when it was called Shelby State Comminuty College 13 years ago. I believe their nursing program was as great as any other school. Doesn't cover as much management courses as your 4-year colleges would, but there's no difference between a BSN and an ASN nurse.
  6. by   lzbth34
    I was just wondering if anyone has recently applied and been accepted to SW? I'm just taking pre-reqs now, but I'm very nervous that I won't get into the nursing program when the time comes. Anyone who recently got in, what grades for A&P I and II and Micro did you have? What about your entrance test score? Any info would be greatly appreciated :wink2: