Regents Online Nurse Practitioner Program

  1. Is anyone applying for spring 2011/Summer 2011/Fall 2011 for Regents FNP program? If so have you heard back and been assigned a home school? I was assigned to apsu and i am so nervous about writing my reason for pursuing graduate study. Anyone have any tips or know others currently in the program?
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  3. by   GetBehindtheBarn
    Are you in the ROPD FNP program?

    I have been accepted to start in January, and I wanted to see if you had an opinion/advice/tidbits of wisdom/etc.

    MTSU is my home school.

  4. by   LeLeeFNP
    I will PM you
  5. by   ANCreekRN
    I am a MTSU RN-BSN student who will graduate in August...I have applied to the RODP FNP program & MTSU is my home school as well...I know a FNP who graduated from MTSU & he said the most difficult thing about the program was scheduling his own clinicals...could one of you all PM me & tell me about your experiences...I am so torn about whether I want to continue my education through RODP or not & any insight would really be appreciated!
  6. by   BethOrthoRN
    I am also an MTSU RN-BSN graduate....I have been accepted into their online FNP program. I was just curious if you had decided to do that and if you have talked to anyone else and gotten any advice? I am waiting to hear from another school also and will then have to make a or not? I am torn. Advice, please!
  7. by   JMEMNRN
    Hi Beth, I just applied for the online MSN FNP program. Granted I only am in the "step 1" where they are deciding if I make it to step 2. How long did the whole process take from start to finish? From Step 1 to getting accepted? Had you applied at any other universities? I am really hoping I get accepted. Sounds like FNP programs are getting more and more busy with applicants...
  8. by   cjohnsonrn
    Have you heard from MTSU regarding the FNP program? I have been accepted and start Fall 2012. I would love to know a few people who will be doing the same program. I just registered for classes. Thanks!
  9. by   JMEMNRN
    I just received word that my home school will be TSU and I now have to submit all of my application info to them. I have everything ready, I'm just waiting for my final reference forms to be filled out by my previous instructors. I am finishing up my BSN this summer, so I am hoping to be accepted into the fall semester.
  10. by   cjohnsonrn
    Are you trying to start Fall 2012? My home school is MTSU.
  11. by   roxhannah
    Any updates on how the program is going for you guys? I got accepted to APSU for this fall and I haven't heard much about how it has went for people.
  12. by   landylove
    Did the program works for you? I have been accepted to start TSU this fall. I heard a lot bad things about this program. can you please share your experience with me. thanks
  13. by   landylove
    I get accepted to TSU this fall
  14. by   landylove
    how do you like the program so far? I have been accepted unto the program and TSU is my home school

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