Questions about Baptist College of Health Sciences in Memphis,TN

  1. Can anyone tell me about the evening/weekend program at Baptist?

    Is it possible for a person to work a fulltime job (40 hours) and do the evening/weekend program?

    And what is the clinical schedule like?

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  3. by   liltweedy03
    I attend Baptist, but I am in the day program. But, I know people that work full time and are in the night/weekend program and are doing fine. You can go to and click access and the click on course schedule and glance there to see how the classes run at night. Hope this is a help.
  4. by   cutebrnkze
    I graduated from BCHS night/weekend program. You will be able to work fulltime until your last year of the program. Most of us quit our fulltime jobs by then. So prepare yourself and save your money. Most of us were interns at Baptist hospital, around $15.95 an hour. We also lived off of grants, student loans, and scholarships.
  5. by   tsconard
    I'm currently an evening/weekend student in my junior year. I do work full time days at another hospital, but I'm looking to change that with my upcoming clinical semester. I'm hoping that I can get on part time at Baptist. Up to this point (3rd yr), I say is possible to work full time and go to baptist. I have been considered a part time student each semster because I never take more than 9 hours at a time. With my upcoming clinical schedules, I will be classified as fulltime because they are mini sessions, not full semester classes.
  6. by   MrsHarrison0526
    for the record the intern pay has gone up a little... 16.61 before shift diff... hey every bit helped me!
  7. by   rikashade04RN
    I am currently a Baptist student, I start clinicals in summer 09. I have been applying like crazy for even admissions reps at Baptist Hospitals. I have gone there to take the typing tests twice, even considered an expert typer. Why can't I get a job there? Is it that hard, do they even consider nursing students at Baptist College? Please help with relevant info, thanks!
  8. by   liltweedy03
    I work at Baptist and go to the college. I am a nurse tech II. I won't become an intern until the fall. Yes, it is hard to become a tech or intern there. Luckily, I was received a call about a month after I put in my application. I am not sure how the process works because people that put in their application long before I did are still waiting to hear something. I know that being the tuition deferral program should get you considered first. I say just keep calling out there and worrying the admissions rep. Good luck!
  9. by   rikashade04RN
    Thanks! But you know the saying, "It's not about what you know but who you know". This is not always the case but I feel like it right now. I am getting so discouraged in constantly applying for a simple clerical position that it's terrible. Unfortunately I know no one employed at any Baptist that could put in a recommendation for me. All the health professionals I know work at St. Jude, or st. francis/bartlett. When are you graduating?
  10. by   2bmalenurse007

    I feel the same way about Baptist, I've applied for two positions and heard nothing. I start clinicals in spring 09.

    Wish you best of luck.:spin:
  11. by   liltweedy03
    I am graduating April '09.
  12. by   NICURN04
    Hey guys, I recently graduated from Baptist just this past Dec. 13 (=) and I have worked at St. Francis (in the ED), Baptist (on the med-surg unit) and currently as RN intern at Lebonheur in the NICU...I have meet some great recruiters along the way....PM me if you need a recruiter's name to any one of the hospital's above.
  13. by   rikashade04RN are doing a lot. I know you're having great experiences!
  14. by   2bmalenurse007
    Has anybody did the Two-Year Tuition Deferral Program at Baptist?

    If so, how does it work? And ,can you also do loan foregiveness program at the same time?

    Is there a pay difference, for those who don't do the Two-Year Tuition
    Deferral program?