Please HELP, What Do You Do When??

  1. You have been out of school for almost 4 years with a bachelor's degree and you have decided that you want a degree in nursing? I had a plan of doing an accelerated program at UT-Memphis, but I figured it would not be a good idea since I need to work. I have a friend who is already a nurse who told me I should consider getting an associates degree in nursing instead. I completed everything I needed to get accepted into southwest tn cc until they tell me that since I already have a degree I wouldn't be able to get fin aid, unless I went to a 4 yr college. I was really hoping for an associates degree in nursing, especially since it would be cheaper and since it will be a complete turn in careers. I would rather not get a masters not fully knowing what I am getting myself into but I do feel like nursing is for me. I started off as a pre-nursing major in college but doubted myself so I switched careers, and now I'm confused... someone please help. Im going Thursday to talk to a fin aid advisor to see what my options are, I don't want to waste away another year of not being back in school, PLEASE HELP!!!
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    I am not sure why you would be unable to get financial aid for an Associates when you are making a career change. I am in a similar situation - changing careers when I already have a bachelor's in another field. My plan also is to get an Associates degree because it will be quicker and cheaper, and then later when I am making more money I will complete a Bachelors in nursing. I guess I am planning on taking out some student loans, but that is also financial aid. You may not get get grants/scholarships, but I'll bet you can get some student loans.

    There are two other nursing schools in my area where I could get a Bachelor's, but their tuition is about $22,000 a year, and I will get my entire Associates degree for the same price at my local community college. Also, the community college has a higher percentage of nursing graduates who pass the test for RN licensure.

    Once you get the associates degree and are hired as an RN, your hospital/employer may reimburse tuition for you to get the bachelors degree.

    I am still researching all of this, but these are the things that I have been told! You should message me and we can chat more about this.
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    Thank u for responding to my thread I added u as a friend so we can chat more about this
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    I was wondering if u were ever able to get fin aid/loan?, I am going to start southwest this fall and I was thinking of going to speak with someone about fin aid
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    You can go to University of Memphis and get financial aid and still work. Do not go to UTHSC, I'm graduating from there in May and I wish I had gone to Memphis instead.
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    I am actually planning to apply to Univ of Memphis as a degree seeking student so that I can receive fin aid and then just transfer, I feel like I have exhausted all my options, I feel like its some many hurdles I've had to just over and I have been so frustrated. I really dont know what else to do..
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    Why do you say go to Univ of Memphis instead I was planning to transfer to UTHSC? This is a major career change for me
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    You cannot "transfer" to UTHSC. You go there as a new nursing student and no other nursing classes you have taken transfer. You are with a cohort while you are there. I do not recommend it because it is very expensive (I am coming out with $90k in student loans) and I do not feel as if the classes were as high a caliber as at Memphis. My sister was at Memphis the same time as I was and I believe she got a better education.
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    Oh ok, really!! That gives me alot to think about, Im just nervous and scared of failing the testing for entering nursing school at Univ of Memphis and it seems as though UTHSC does not have an entrance testing. I actually was just thinking of doing my pre-regs for nursing at Univ of Memphis and considering transferring which I believe this is possible. You are the 2nd person to tell me this too so maybe I should reconsider. If I stay at Univ of Memphis I was planning to do the accelerated 2nd degree nursing program because i already hold a degree. Let me know your thoughts, Thanks alot..
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    MemphisTiger, I added you as a friend on here. Could you PM me? I'd love your insight on Memphis nursing programs. I'm finishing pre-reqs at SW and already hold a BS so I'm exploring my options!