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  1. Hi all - I live and work in Eastern Tennessee, close to Chattanooga. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I noticed behind quite a few desks in the office where I work, there are BUNDLES of cords, wires, surge protectors, not to mention TRASH that has piled up forever. It's scary. :angryfire AND I have yet to hear or see anything about OSHA. The halls are full of boxes and things, and I could not even begin to tell you where a fire extinguisher is. I asked our office manager about OSHA and where the book was a so forth, and I was brushed off saying that I wasn't to worry about it. Ummm, not worry about it?? Who is she kiddin'?? - What should I do?? I have asked not only her but several others who are "in charge" about fixing these problems, and it keeps getting pushed under the rug. Any ideas? help.
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  3. by   elkpark
    Weeellllll, you could always call OSHA and ask them; I'm sure they'd be able to answer your questions ... Might even want to come down and have a quick look-see at your office ... Maybe that would spark your boss' interest in OSHA regs. :chuckle
  4. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from elkpark
    ,,, you could always call OSHA and ask them; I'm sure they'd be able to answer your questions...
    Agree. That's part of the reason they're there.
  5. by   Tiki_Torch
    The OSHA folks dropped by our hospital one evening and charged our hospital $1,500.00 for every coffee cup they found in the nurse's stations. It's a violation to consume food or drinks where body fluid specimens can be found. I assure you, our hospital took safety to the exponential degrees after that!!!!! And this happened in the early 1990's... I wonder what the price of a coffee cup is going for these days?

    I'll bet your place would care if they could be charged fines for electrical/fire safety hazards, etc.

    The older I get the less surprised I am by slacker management goofballs.

    Big sigh
  6. by   peechdoctor
    I too am amazed at how management can continually break osha regs and and other regs and just keep on going. I'd be scared to death. They would build a new jail just for me - jeepers.

    Thanks to everyone for the advice - I do think I need to call. It's terrible around there. People let their kids (and their friends) and other family members hang out in their offices with access to the patient's personal files and records. Like I said it all scares me. It is a very haphazard environment, as far as regs go. I have seen ppl come and get records without signing release forms, and I was even once told by the manager to fax someones records to this unknown number, just because someone called and said he was the patient's lawyer and needed them right then. I made the manager sign the fax sheet stating that I did it per her. But I still didn't like it, because I knew better. The "lawyer" could have been anyone. Anyway - I would like to just be able to DO MY JOB. Novel idea.

    Thanks again all - have a great shift (and rest of the day too!!) :hatparty:
  7. by   eltrip
    check at www.Tenneesseeanytime.org for information on how to contact TOSHA (Tennessee's OSHA). Oh, look, here's the number for the Chattanooga office (423) 634-6422.

    If a facility doesn't go by the safety rules or abide by federal regulations are you certain that this is the best place for you to work?
  8. by   peechdoctor
    Thanks so much, I am going to call. I don't think it is the safest place to work, not due to the fire hazards and blocked halls only, but also because of the regs that are broken every day. I don't want to be in there when the long arm comes down on them. Ooooff. :uhoh21:

    thanks all