No luck in Nashville

  1. I recently ( this past Saturday) moved to Nashville, and am having a terrible time trying to find a job in a hospital. I've talked to Centennial, Skyline, Vanderbilt, Baptist, and St. Thomas. But no one is returning my calls or calling me back after I go in to fill out an application. Is it that I'm having such a hard time finding a job due to being a LPN? or is it that I'm not experienced? I'm out of ideas and terribly flustered. Maybe someone could tell me where to go from here?? I'd appreciate it, or maybe someone will know about openings at their facility? In any case, thanks for letting me vent.

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  3. by   eltrip
    Please bear in mind that there may be issues with patient census. St. Thomas recently laid off about 25 employees. I don't know if the other facilities have had to resort to this. TennCare is giving everyone fits, especially with the cuts that have been made to the program. Revenue has been down at many facilities for the first quarter of the fiscal year.

    You've been searching for a job since Saturday? Less than a week, right? Don't be discouraged. Even the most efficient HR department can take a few days to get the application to the appropriate manager (s) and for them to give you a call.

    Keep looking at the want ads in the Tennessean. There are lots of facilities there in addition to the ones you mentioned.
  4. by   Santana
    don't be discouraged. I promise you they will all call at the same time and then you will stress on which job to take I know, this has happpened to me many times,,,lol
  5. by   DutchgirlRN
    I do know that HCA hospitals are only allowed a certain percentage of LPN's. I'm not sure what the ratio for RN/LPN is. Calling them back. Be persistance. You will get a job. LTC is always an option.
  6. by   HollyUTM
    After what seems like an eternity (ok, being way dramatic here) Maxim has called me back, does anyone here work for them, or know anything about them really? I just saw the opening on and applied, and to my surprise they called like ten mintues later. If anybody knows anything about that agency, please let me know. Thanks all, and thanks for your support.


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