Need Info/advice on accelerated BSN programs and pre-reqs

  1. I graduated with a BSBA in Econ/Finance in 2008. I have been working in financial services since I graduated but I am very unfulfilled. I have always thought about being a nurse and even became a CNA through a program in highschool, but for some reason I didn't choose this path in college. Well, now I am regretting that. I want to be able to make a POSITIVE difference in peoples' lives. I just don't know how to make this happen.

    I have done a lot of research and this is what I think the plan involves....
    1. Quit my job and move to Middle TN for more opportunities.
    2. Take pre-reqs for nursing program.
    3. Enroll and hopefully get accepted into an accelerated BSN program.
    4. Eventually pursue MSN.

    The issues I am having are where do I take pre-reqs? I need about 5 courses to enroll in any nursing program I have researched. I have looked into community colleges all over Middle Tn but not sure how the process works. Can I take any online or will they all have to be taken on campus. (The courses I need are Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and a couple of Psyc courses.) Then after I get pre-reqs out of the way which college should I go for? I have looked at Vandy, Belmont, and Cumberland University.

    I live a very comfortable middle class life for a 24 year old. I make a very good salary for my location and level of experience. I am just not happy with the job I do and it is definitely not what I thought it would be. Like many others on here this is a huge life change for me. I do not now and will not have any financial assistance from family so I will be living on borrowed money. Which leads me to another question. Is there any way to have a job while doing the accelerated programs?

    I need any advice on schools for pre-reqs or BSN programs or just any info that could be provided on the transition would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   blatham3
    Union University in Jackson, TN has a great accelerated BSN program. You must have a bachelors in any area, and it only takes 1 year to complete. Im not sure about the prereqs, but Union is a private university so it does cost. No more than vandy tho. I work with several people who went through it and said it was worth it.
  4. by   squantojones
    If you are looking to be in Nashville, the easiest thing would be to take your prereqs at Nashville State Community College - only problem is you would probably have to pay out of state tuition. You might be better off applying to those programs from where you are, and take your classes at a local community college if you have them, and then transferring everything over when the program starts.