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  1. [FONT=Arial Narrow] Hi....I need some advice. I am a little nervous about relocating to Murfreesboro, TN
    I graduated in 1993 from University of Kentucky/Hopkinsville Community College. Immediately after graduation we moved to Washington (state) and I accepted a job in a 8 physician practice.
    My intentions were to work there until I could obtain a position in the hospital. (med-surg..."where you get all the skills"). Well, I enjoyed the Family Practice Clinic so much..the hours, the other employees, the relationship that developed with the patients and their families.

    I have been in Family Practice for 13 years now. I still love it.
    I have organizational skills, I have knowledge of medical/mental health issues. I have treated patients along the age spectrum. I have assisted in procedures.

    My problem? I am scared. Will my experience be desired in Murfreesboro? If RN's are only employed in hospitals in that area----will they be willing to hire me and provide a preceptor?

    I'm so willing to work in the Hospital. I love Nursing!! Any advice?
    (They do have a preceptorship here in Washington at our local Hospital and I have considered applying for that....but we are moving and I don't feel it is fair to "use" them knowing I will be moving out of the area in the next 6 months).

    Thanks for your response(s).
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  3. by   ERNP
    Welcome soon to Murfreesboro. There are many opportunities for nurses in Murfreesboro. In addition, it is a hop, skip, and jump to Smyrna or Nashville where nurses are also in demand.

    In Murfreesboro the hospital is Middle Tennessee Medical Center. They are building a new facility that will be larger so they will most certainly need more nurses. With the limited availability of nurses nationally you could likely make the move to the hospital setting if you desired.

    Also, there are many clinics and some are using RNs. In particular there is a large multi-specialty practice called Murfreesboro Medical Clinic that might have something to offer.

    But have no fear, if you are a nurse there is work for you in the middle Tennessee area.
  4. by   kdmcook
    You'll love Murfreesboro. Nice town. Nice state. Went to school in nearby Cannon county and would give my eye teeth to move back, but husband is in the Navy. Maybe after retirement....anyway...Smyrna, Nashville are not too far, shouldn't have any problems finding a good position with your skill set.

    Good Luck and Congrats!

    Kathryn Cook
  5. by   Lisa CCU RN
    If you are interested in peds, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital has an extended
  6. by   slv5012
    I don't think you'll have any trouble finding a hospital to work at in the Middle TN area!
  7. by   loki3981
    Murfreesboro is a wonderful place to live as well. I like that it has a small town vibe, but with a lot of amenities around. The park system is amazing here as well.