LPN training in Tennessee

  1. I am located close to Nashville. Where are good LPN programs around this area? What is the difference in training in LPN compared to an Associates to test for RN??

    Thanks so much for the help.
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  3. by   abrainerd
    Anyone know where there are LPN programs in the Nashville area??
  4. by   Mommy TeleRN
    you will want to find your near TN Technology center. To my understanding they are the only places to get an LPN in TN (unless there are private school options)
    you can just google tn technology centers and you should find a website where you can go to various locations.

    LPN training is 12 months. If you later decide to do LPN-RN you can do that. BUT you will still have to have all the general education college classes (A&P 1,2, English, humanities, a few psych classes, possibly micro, etc) At my community college you do not have to take Foundations if you are an LPN (which is a 7 hr class) You do a summer bridge program that is very intense and is 12 credit hours, then you finish out the last 2 semesters with the RN students. So you still have to do like 34 credit hours of nursing classes. As a regular RN student I have to do 42 hrs of nursing classes - so you can see it really doesn't knock much off of your education time..only like 8 credit hours for being an LPN.

    Personally this is the route I chose: 1yr of gen ed mostly online while i applied to RN program. One year into RN program (with one year to go) you can intern at many hospitals..make pay comparable to an LPN. So really you don't come out ahead doing an LPN program then bridge to RN in my book.

    Once I finish my ADN I can work as RN and do my BSN bridge online.

    Hope that helps..it's a little confusing I know.

  5. by   abrainerd
    MommyNurse, thank you so much for that information. I have been googling for a month now to try to find an LPN program and for some reason TN Tech Ctr never came up that I remember.

    I think I am going to go the Associates RN program at Vol State. I think it is worth six more months to get an RN plus I pretty much have all of my gen ed requirements from my Bachelors degree. You are right, later I can get my Bachelor in Nursing.

    Thanks again!!
  6. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Cool..if you already have gen ed stuff done then i would DEFINITELY go RN - esp if you can get in the program in a short time frame. Like I said - there is a very good chance you can intern after one year of nursing classes anyway. I intern in Memphis but I am pretty sure you can intern at Centennial hospitals in Nashville. There are sooo many hospitals there I am sure you can find someplace and the pay is in the LPN range anyway.

    Keep us updated!


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