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I am applying to the University of Memphis Loewenberg School of Nursing for the spring of 2011. Right now I am taking some pre-requisite courses and by the time I send in my application I will have a... Read More

  1. by   TenJen
    Hey kwhitworth & Shane and any and all other interested parties ..want to get a few people together to take a CPR class in the u of Mem area and try to save a little money? Anyone who reads this and needs to take a CPR class - the more people we can get in the same class - the more money we save...Let me know - Jennifer ....
    the info
    there is a class that is only 25.00 for 3-6 people through Tim Dudley.......we could have him meet us at u of mem
  2. by   msturn1975
    Dang! I saw where you could do that but when ahead and jumped the gun. My appt. is 11/6 at UoM. Sorry.
  3. by   sdobbins
    i too got a little excited. Im driving out to s.haven on mon night.
  4. by   TenJen
    Ya'll are excited! that is awesome! I understand wanting to get things done! Congrats again everyone who was accepted (if anyone reads this who was not - dont give up, try again next semester) ... See you next week kwhitworth and shane and s dobbins....Jennifer
  5. by   msturn1975
    Yeah, see you next week.
  6. by   msturn1975
    Yeah, I am getting my health assessment done tuesday and I guess get my shots at orientation.
  7. by   kwhitworth425
    See you guys tomorrow! I haven't been able to do the CPR class yet. Hoping Saturday 11/6!
  8. by   Summerwind
    Congrats to everyone!
    You will LOVE nursing school!
  9. by   msturn1975
    Did you get into Memphis?
  10. by   msturn1975
    FINALLY will be able to turn in my health status packet-just got CPR certificate! Doen't matter I guess, I won't be able to pick my days and times for classes!lol I hope it is not a varied schedule like one day in the morning and the next-late afternoon,etc. Has anyone gotten a schedule yet and have you heard that clinicals will be every other week?
  11. by   rachie_roo
    Help! If I transfer in the Fall there are about 4 classes that I'd need to take at Memphis because Union doesn't require those classes (Nutrition, College Algebra etc...). Would I be able to start nursing school in the Spring (assuming I get accepted) or is that only an accelerated program?
  12. by   sailor0811
    I applied to U of M's accelerated nursing program for fall 2011. Does anyone know when they send out acceptance/ rejection letters?
  13. by   hayleyh31
    A friend of mine that got in last semester said it took around 2- 2 1/2 weeks to get in. I'm waiting (impatiently) over here for my Fall acceptance, too. What does your GPA and TEAS look like? I've got a 3.4 with a 4.0 in my pre-req sciences. I got an 87 on my TEAS.