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  1. I'm interested in relocating to Memphis after I'm done with respiratory program. I know that I will more than likely apply to nursing school. I've completed all of the pre-reqs but Respiratory accepted me into the program and nursing has a waiting list here. How's the pay in Memphis? The Cost of living doesn't seem to be too expensive. I'm a single parent so I'm looking for somewhere to sette down and buy a home. On the coast now, real estate is robbery! I've heard conflicting information about RT pay but I was hoping some of you may have some insight on the field, hospitals to apply to and the benefits: tuition reimbusment, sign-on bonuses -if any, and areas to live in.
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  3. by   Kirstie04
    they are renovating the downtown area of memphis. it is pretty nice. nowhere in memphis is what I would call "safe". you might be on a good street and with one turn it is terrible. don't let people tell you germantown, bartlett, cordova,etc are safer. the crime is following everyone moving out of memphis. check into the new renovated area. lots of nice younger students (med, pharmacy,etc) professionals etc. family oriented.
  4. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Memphis pay is pretty much the best in the state. I live about 90 miles east in a very low crime, VERY cheap area. But yea it's a commute. But if you were just working 2-3 days a week the drive isn't so bad. Eventually I want a 24hr weekender position so I can work 2 days in a row and just stay between shifts.
    There are lots of hospitals and they hire you before you ever graduate. They actively recruit nursing students and even advertise for them in the paper. Not sure how RT's pay but I know at my hospital they are considered a 'hard to fill' position meaning they are in great demand, and hopefully that means the pay is good.
    Entry level pay for RNs is around $20/hr give or take and with diffs can go up close to 30/hr for new grad pay. Where I live you can buy houses all day long for 60-70k for like a 3bd basic brick, an older home even like 40k, for 200k you can have one of the nicest homes in the area. Land is very cheap. We have thought about moving to Nashville or a 'city' but I figure with commuting to Memphis 2-3 days a week I can really stretch my income by living in an outlying area. One student I know just sleeps in some ICU waiting bay between shifts lol.
    But anyway - the pay decreases as you go east across the state...ironically the cost of living increases
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  5. by   willdgate
    Edgewater Apts are GREAT check them out they are on the edge of bartlett and memphis, close to everything within 40 or I-240 interstate.