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  1. Hi everyone! I am currently in an ADN program in California, and will be graduating in May of 2018. I plan to move to Nashville/Hendersonville area after graduating. What are some good hospitals that you would recommend for a new grad RN with an associates degree? I have looked at Tristar Children's Hospital residency program and am very interested in that, I just do not know how likely they are to hire RNs with an ADN rather than a BSN. (I plan to start my RN-BSN program immediately after graduating next May as well).

    Thanks in advance for all of the advice! Since I will be moving from out of state it is hard to know which hospitals I should be looking at. I am currently in Nashville area visiting until the end of June, so I am going to visit any hospitals that are recommended by everyone! I would love to talk to someone at the hospitals before leaving back to California in a few weeks.
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  3. by   CrunchRN
    Anyone that will hire you
  4. by   JCon
    Yes but I am unsure of which hospitals actually hire new grads with an associates degree. Since I am from out of state I am not as familiar with which hospitals will hire ADN RNs. I know where I live now only certain hospitals will, so I am just looking for some advice about which hospitals in Nashville/Hendersonville area that actually do.
  5. by   jlv123
    I am a newly graduated nurse living in the Nashville area. I have my associate degree in nursing and realized how difficult it is to find a job in a hospital setting as a new nurse. The only hospital I am aware of that doesn't hire brand new nurses with ADN is Vandy. The problem I had is that most hospitals now in Nashville require a nurse residency program regardless of ADN or BSN. Some residency programs have been around for a while, while others have not, but most (Centennial/HCA, Williamson Medical, St Thomas, Maury Reg.) all require it from new nurses. Also, all of those hospitals I mentioned that have residency programs, will hire you into their program with either a ADN or BSN.

    Best of luck!

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