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  1. Hello all,
    I have one year experience here in Philadelphia as a BSN RN. My boyfriend is in the army and moves every three-five years, this time I am going with him to Nashville. I have about 6months until this happens, but I am wondering how difficult it will be to find a job? The one i currently have I worked for in RN school as a CNA and was hired internally, I didnt really apply or interview anywhere else because I knew the recruiters and was pretty much guarenteed a job after graduation. But now I am nervous. I hear a lot of people saying they apply online every day to multiple hospitals and have been waiting for months just for them to get a call back or interview. I am just wondering if anyone else has had an experience moving after only 1year experience and having to try and find a new job elswhere. I just want a general idea what to expect, or any tips on job hunting when i get there; and anyone who has any experience in nashville specifically would be amazing. thank you!
    - colleen
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  3. by   NoblePath
    Hey there, I work in Nashville. I moved a few years ago after 1.5 years of experience. I got a job right away, but I didn't have a lot of options. Do you currently work in a hospital? What specialty are you in? I'd say that it's good that you have 1 year of experience because that seems to be the magical number they look for. I can't speak for everywhere, but Vanderbilt is hiring a ton of bedside nurses right now because the turnover is high. They recently changed a lot of the benefits and decreased them so I'm guessing that people aren't driving as far as they were to work there and working close to home elsewhere. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM.
  4. by   gardendigger
    One of the major urban hospitals there is offering a recruitment and retention bonus right now.
  5. by   Nurse.Gina
    I actually work at Centennial in the ER and I know we are doing referral bonuses. I've been at Centennial for 4 years, (started as a secretary, moved up to tech, then RN) and I love it and have seen all parts of the hospital if you have any questions.
  6. by   mmlpn
    I work at Centennial as well, in the CVICU. We are currently offering $2,500 sign on bonus for outside hires. Centennial is the best hospital I've ever worked for and would highly recommend it over other hospitals in the area.