extended clinical after school???

  1. I am an LPN, less than 1yr experience. The thought of working in a hospital setting scares me to death. This is the main thing that is holding me back from wanting to get my RN. My question is, is their a type of program or training program that would allow you to follow a nurse around in a hospital (kind of like in your clinicals in nursing program), without working there in the future (not orientation) in TN. I just didn't feel that we got enough clinical time in LPN school to really know what it's all about out there in the real world of nursing. Thanks.
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  3. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Well if you knew an RN that might let you shadow maybe... You might call a local hospital HR and explain you are interested in working there and possibly going on to become an RN and could you shadow for a few hours or a day.

    What exactly is it that is scaring you about working in a hospital?

    I intern at a hospital because I am within one year of graduating my ADN program. Not sure if as an LPN you could do an RN intern type program or not. I do not do invasive things... I do admissions, discharges, wound care, etc. That might be an easier way for you to ease into it because you are exposed without having all that obligation on your license. again tho not sure how that works for LPNs.