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I just received my acceptance letter Saturday for Cumberland University's BSN program, I will be attending the traditional day classes at the Lebanon campus. I am super nervous about the "unknown,"... Read More

  1. by   CUbsnHopeful
    I got my acceptance letter today! I am sooo excited!
  2. by   starla2112
    I am very excited for you!! Good Luck! Stay in touch.
  3. by   CUbsnHopeful
    Thank you good luck to you too! And I will keep in touch.
  4. by   starla2112
    @ mommalinds- did you get your commitment letter turned in? if so, have you heard anything about registration day (july 20th) or anything else?
  5. by   MommaLinds
    @Starla, I sent in my letter the day after I received it! Christina called me last week, registration is done in one-hr blocks between 12-6 on the 20th. I'm scheduled in the first hour. She said they would be sending letters as it got closer with more info, but I haven't received anything yet!
  6. by   CUbsnHopeful
    @momalinds do we need to call to set up our registration? I sent my commitment letter the day after I received it but haven't heard anything yet either.
  7. by   starla2112
    Well that's exciting!!! I mailed mine as well but have not heard anything and was starting to get worried. I had talked to her right after I got my letter and she said it would go late which made me excited because I am in that summer 5 week A&P II class. Maybe we will get more info soon. Thanks!!!
  8. by   RetiredOpenHeartSICU
    Are you in the CU Lebanon BSN program or the Mt. Juliet Night/Weekend Accelerated BSN 5 semester program?
    Brenda, retired RN
    Can anyone give me feedback on CU new Mt. Juliet BSN graduates passing rate, and how realistically they could get clinicals at night and weekends, and become a legitimate RN in 5 short semesters (the 1st semester only being part-time)?
    How many days per week and number of hours/day clinical are these students actually receiving?
    How are the same nursing instructors who teach in the traditional CU BSN at Lebanon going to have time to teach clinicals and lecture on nights and weekends after teaching at Lebanon all week?
    The instructors have to sleep sometime, and what quality of nursing education is this CU BSN Mt.Juliet FAST TRACK TO REGISTERED NURSE in 4 1/2 short semesters going to produce?
    Will the RN graduate be able to pass boards, much less practice clinically in the hospital?
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  9. by   Ajspooh
    I just graduated from Cumberland in May. We had some faculty changes half way through our program which made it a little difficult because of different instructors style of teaching but I made it through. I believe what they are working on now and the changes they are implementing for future students is going to make a good program great! I passed boards the first time and got a job shortly after. Good luck to you and study hard because it is difficult, but SO worth it!
  10. by   starla2112
    @Ajspooh- Thanks for the information! Any other advice or words of wisdom for those of us that may be scared to death? Where did you get your job at?
  11. by   Ajspooh
    Hey encourage you just know that EVERYONE feels that way. You have no need to be nervous because the instructors will never let you do anything you aren't prepared for and you will always have someone with you. Enjoy every experience because they are wonderful. I actually moved back to California and got a job out here. I graduated in May, took boards in June and had a job by July. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.
  12. by   STA51
    Hi, can someone tell me about the hours in the nights and weekends classes? Also, are clinicals on Saturday, Sunday, or both? What are the hours for clinicals?How is everyone doing in either program? I'm thinking about applying, but I'm not sure which one. Do most students make it through the program or do several fail out? Thanks, any info is appreciated.
  13. by   mee9mee9
    How many people are selected per semester