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  1. I need a CPR certification for nursing school. Does anyone know of a good place to take a class in the Memphis area? Thanks!
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    Try CPR-to-Go. She teaches classes in Southaven, MS, but it is well worth the short drive. The healthcare classes are quick and painless. I highly recommend it. Here's a link with the contact info (look carefully at the top). She teaches a lot of healthcare classes.

  5. by   Murse901
    Bottom of the page says it's not a healthcare provider class. I doubt any nursing school will accept Heartsaver or equivalent for CPR certification.
  6. by   Cinqly
    Quote from DonaldJ
    Bottom of the page says it's not a healthcare provider class. I doubt any nursing school will accept Heartsaver or equivalent for CPR certification.
    I realize this. And you are correct. However, she teaches many classes for a variety of clients. The contact info listed on the page is to CONTACT her only. If you look carefully you'll realize that the classes listed are for a church, and are indeed NOT for healthcare providers. If you call her you can sign up for the appropriate healthcare provider class. The webpage was added simply to provide her phone number and name, as I did not want to post directly on allnurses. She teaches American Heart Association classes for nurses, healthcare professionals, nursing students, and anyone else that wants it. She also teaches other classes, and she teaches in different locations, depending on need. You have to contact her directly to sign up for the appropriate class. My nursing school and hospital job accepted the healthcare provider certification that she teaches without any problem. In fact, they set up classes twice a year only for their students so that they will have a high-quality certification!

    I know another provider that teaches healthcare provider CPR classes in the Memphis area. If anyone is interested please PM me and I'll give you her name and phone number.
  7. by   msnikkipooh
    There are some ladies in Memphis that come to you, or you go to them.Here the web address
    www.hearttoheartmemphis.com it was easy, I loved it. I wasnt in there all day.
  8. by   Gr8_Artist
    Years ago, I worked at the Red Cross. Call them, ask for "Safety Services." It's their job to organize classes, provide a trainer, Resuscitation Annie dummy, and ensure everyone has the needed literature. You can ask if there are some tentative classes waiting for more students... and there should be some options as to whether AM, PM, weekend, etc.
  9. by   Nurse Nay Nay
    I highly recommend the CPR-to-Go classes mentioned above. I used her throughout nursing school. I still have the business card if you need the phone number.
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    A co-worker of mine teaches CPR as well as ACLS, PALS, etc.

    Here is the link to his website: www.eliteeducationalseminars.com
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    Make sure you get the correct certification for the hospital where you will be doing clinicals. I got the ARC certification for Professional Rescuers and my clinical hospital won't take it. That's after my school recommended ARC! I had to re-certify for AHA b/c that is the only CPR certification the hospital I'm at will take.
  12. by   msnikkipooh
    I know the lady with Heart to Heart CPR was on the money. The BLS course included the dummies, and the ambu bag training as well as the AED training. I actually used the girl in Southaven at CPR to GO......and though she was nice, I felt more informed with the Heart to Heart CPR lady. As I stated earlier, the girl with CPR to GO referenced material, the lady with Heart to Heart had the equipment present. As a student you didn't have to imagine what she was disucussing. It was right there in my face. Other than that, they were both really nice. But for the same price, and Heart to Heart was a little closer........I'll go with her when it's time to renew. They do provide PALS and ACLS training as well,(my mom used them for that). Their info is (901) 628-3310, and site is www.hearttoheartmemphis.com Watch out guys because there was a guy that was going around passing out cards and the certification was worth less than even he was. Good Luck everyone!!!
  13. by   inthatwins
    THX msnik!!! Took the class from to (heart to heart CPR memphis) as you suggested. She was closer to me..... Had a blast, she was really informative, it wasn't all day. I thought I couldnt believe I was finished. She really made me feel at ease, and you were right she did have all the equipment there. Good BLOG INFO!!! Yeah! I even took the liberty of arranging a group of my classmates to attend, and she gave me mine free, double yeahhh! I'v egot to agree, if you need CPR in Memphis area, you should call this lady (901) 628 3310, Ms.Louis. Can't remember her email address but it on her site. www.hearttoheartmemphis.com
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    Hello All,

    I have to agree with The Twins. post regarding Heart CPR. I had my office manager contact them before the holidays since we had a light load. I needed my entire office 22 employees certified. I couldnt find much information about them other than here and the site of course. Well Job well done! They came out and did a wonderful job. I personally referred them to 2 offices in Bartlett. I highly recommend their services. Great Job! Good day all.

    The number to contact the office was different from the previously listed, I suggest visting the site for accurate information.
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