bullying in workplace,need advice

  1. has anyone every experenced bullying in the workforce by a head superviser?if so what did you do,what should i do? this has been a on and off going issue with my superviser.a few weeks ago they brought a girl in i trained her and then the superviser (after i have just asked her for more hours)promised this new girl 40 hrs per week .she took hours from me and the other3-11 person and gave this other girl all of the hours.i have worked at this place for 5 yrs.hardly ever called in,always went to work in rain sleet and snow. i have senority over this superviser that is doing all of this.i am the only black care attendent.the other black care attendent is prn and don't ever work.the other 2 blacks are cooks in the kitchen.i am highly liked by the residents and their families.

    things has got so bad to where i can't sleep at night,dread going in because everday i go in 2nd shift has more things to do.whenever second shift go in we are having to do the stuff that first shift didn't want to do.because the fact that we have camaras up,it was a memo once that only one staff member at a time is allowed to go out to smoke ,but they have found another spot to go out and smoke at so they can all smoke together.and because the spend most of the 1st shift smoking they put alot of things onto second shift to do and if we say something about it we get more stuff put on us.if we complain about something that 1st didn't do,the next day its a memo saying that the 3-11 and the 4-8 shift if responsable for the issue.what should i do???
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  3. by   CrunchRN
    Can you go somewhere else? It sounds like you are a good employee and might be valued more elsewhere. Sometimes supervisors make decisions that just don't make any sense. Best of luck to you.
  4. by   Jessy_RN
    There are several things you could do from documenting every little thing and keeping it for your records in the case you were to report this to leaving. I think that you are definitely better off finding another place to work. You can approach her and kindly ask her if she has a problem with you etc. Sometimes when you are like that it can go either way......bite you back, or remedy the problem somewhat. They seem to not be very appreciative of you so maybe it is best for you to look for your happiness elsewhere. As soon as you find another job, give your 2 weeks notice and take off.

    Good luck to you.