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I applied/attend the University of Memphis and tried a couple of times to get into the nursing program and was not accepted. I decided that if I could not get in at Memphis I would go to Baptist. I... Read More

  1. by   hbgwan
    Quote from sleeper2b
    i know this post is late and may not help YOU but maybe someone else out there will get the message.... dont go to baptist!!!! the school turned out some wonderful nurses when it was a diploma program. however, somewhere along the way of changing over to a bsn program, they lost it!!!!! to put it nicely the program sucks!! not much clinical time. they concentrate on everything but clinicals. hello thats what you will be doing when you graduate. not sitting in an office doing management!!! anyway.... a local alternative is northwest in southaven, ms. yes i know it is an associate program, but they have a painless rn to bsn online program from univ of miss there on campus. cheaper than either memphis or baptist and much much better program!!! hope this post will help any future students in the area.
    i know this thread is a bit old but i just ran across it and decided to revive it a bit. before anyone says a program sucks, they first need to have been in that program. to the person above, i would encourage you to not say baptist sucks until you yourself have been a student there. i am currently a bsn student at baptist and find it to be a wonderful experience. they really, truly do care about the students. yes, some of the things we have to do are rather lame and the clinical schedule can be a bit screwed up but all in all, it is a VERY good school. i have asked around and baptist has an almost 100% nclex pass rate. what other adn/bsn program in the area can say the same?
  2. by   Cinqly
    Here are the NCLEX pass rates for 2005-2007 in TN for diploma, associate, bachelor's, and master's (as initial entry into nursing). There are many types of programs in TN that vary in size. However, we can all be thankful that the programs in the Memphis area have high pass rates - all of them.
  3. by   brandnewRN08
    I'm a recent Baptist grad and I had no problem with the school or clinical. I don't think any nursing program truly prepares you for the real nursing life-there is so much to learn after graduation.

    WhenI took Peds at Baptist we could not give IV medications, but we could give PO and take vital signs, perform assessments, etc. A lot of what you can and can't do depends on whether or not the student nurse follows the hospital policy. For instance, where I work students are not allowed to give Protonix, Zofran, or Phenergan by IV push. This is hospital policy. But, many students do it anyway and the school looks the other way.

    I do think that Memphis may be better for younger students who want the true college experience-football games, sororities, fraternities. In the end, it's all about the individual and how much effort you are willing to put in to becoming a nurse. There are slackers at every school.
  4. by   tjackson4489
    I still havnt figured out how to ask a question on this website, but i got accepted into both memphis and baptist nursing and was also having a hard time deciding. baptist said i would graduate in 3-3 1/2 yrs and memphis only 2. Is this correct? i want to take the quickest route because ive already done 2yrs of pre-reqs..??? help plzz...
  5. by   msturn1975
    Southwest can. I don't attend there, so no endorsement. I will be going to UoM.
  6. by   msturn1975
    Please choose Memphis. You can fast track in the fall semester. I am not bashing Baptist at all, but they do not accept a lot of transfer credits and I have spoken to several people who just didn't like the school. I have heard a lot of good things about UoM, so I am going there.
  7. by   tjackson4489
    Yeah, talked to Baptist again and this time they were more clear. They dont accept ur transfer credits, so it all my pre-reqs would basically go to waste. Im def going to UofM. Maybe ull be in my class! thanks for the advice!
  8. by   msturn1975
    See you Oct 29.
  9. by   msturn1975
    The thing I liked about BCHS is that you could work full-time on the nights/weekend program.
  10. by   memphisbelle901
    i just ran across this looking for information re: both programs. i called baptist and they said that they do take your transfer credits. i have several friends there now that said the same.