ASN verses BSN? opportunities?

  1. Hi, I was just accepted to Aquinas ASN program for spring....I'm very excited...I also applied to the highly competative and "magical formula to get admitted" MTSU BSN program and still haven't heard from them! This will be a second degree for me, going the ASN, RN to BSN route seems sort of inefficient, but it's what I may need to do. For those of you out there, ASN-RN and BSN-RN what differences do you see in job opportunities, responsibilities, and so forth? Am I stressing over trying to get a BSN quickly when perhaps an ASN may have plenty of opportunities as well?
    I appreciate your thoughts.
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  3. by   Mommy TeleRN
    no difference if you are a floor nurse. IMO BSN is stepping stone to management or MSN. In most places pay is the same..some hospitals (not any I know of around here..but I've heard in some places) they might pay a VERY small diff like .50/hr if you are BSN.

    I don't feel RN-BSN is inefficient at ALL. One year from graduation you can work as an that is decent $ and good experience. Then you can do RN-BSN online. I do not think you have to take anything "extra" than if you did straight BSN. Just non-clinical nursing courses and the extra gen ed courses. But it's gonna be same total hours whether you divide them ADN-BSN or straight BSN, and you get to work much sooner and do a chunk online.
    If you get into MTSU tho I've heard good things about them... either way you'll end up an RN!
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