Tempe St. Luke's- are these just rumors???


Hi all!

I was recently hired on with Tempe St. Lukes and was just wondering if there is truth behind the bad reputation. I seen many posts on AN that imply that they don't treat their nurses well but most of those posts are several years old. I have heard from nurses who work for other hospitals that they still have a bad reputation but I've also heard from people who were there about 7 or 8 years ago that the staff were close with one another. I would just like to get an idea for what I'll be getting into. Thanks!! :cat:


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Look - opinions are like...bellybuttons. Everyone has one. Hospital nursing is tough work. As I like to say, there is no perfect hospital. Just hospitals that su*k less than others. That said there are some things to consider. It is a very small community hospital. There is always a big hospital versus small hospital bias. Second, they are a for-profit organization owned by IASIS. I would sooner slam my finger in a car door than work for IASIS or any of the other for-profit organizations. That is my preference - I prefer non-profit healthcare organizations. In the for profit world there are two variable costs they can control well - staff and supplies. Both tend to suffer under that sort of system, in my opinion. MY OPINION. That doesn't mean I am correct; just how I feel.


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It has been several months since your post. I am curious what you have found at Tempe St. Luke. Are you still there?