Temp CNO Registration and Work Permits


Hi Guys,

I am currently an international student and have been registered to write the CRNE exam in October.

Now i am just about to submit my Work Permit application, however i need to know if it is possible to apply for Temp Registration without holding a valid Work Permit ??


Do i need to have a valid Work Permit before gaining a Temp Registration ??

On the CNO website it states that you cant have Registration without a work permit so i just need to know about the Temporary Registration in Ontario.

Thanks in advance :D

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Moved to the International forum as per the red banner asking immigration and registration be asked there leaving the sub forums for local issues.

As I read the CNO website they will not issue registration unless all 7 requirements are met and this does ask for proof of work permit which you currently do not have. In my opinion these means you can apply but will not get certificate until all is met which you won't get until you land in Canada and receive your TWP and can send them a copy

You are required to provide a copy of your current Canadian Citizenship, permanent residency documents or authorization under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) to work as a nurse in Canada .


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