Tell me about your union


I am an RN at an 800+ bed Level 1 Trauma/Teaching Hospital with a union since about 1999.

We are affiliated with SEIU Healthcare and I think that they are less than effective at representing nurses. They don't seem to mind that we are over ratio all of the time and lots of other contract violations. The Organizer based at my hospital and other SEIU Healthcare employees I know haven't ever been in healthcare let alone a nurse and they are supposed to know to protect nurses??

When I look at their website, there is very, very little about patients or nurses- who they represent- but a lot about a 15.00 minimum wage and quasi-political things.

None of us aren't happy and some want to switch unions or not have one at all.

Tell me about your union. Which one are you in? Do they help you? How?

Thank you!!!


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I love my union! The are California Nurse association. They are the reason california has nursing ratios. they go to bat for their nurses. The are part of national nurses united. i dont know much about your union. research who is available in your state that is promoted by the nna! good luck


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I am a RN working in 500+ bedded teaching hospital. We have own Nurses Union and I am part of Executive Committee. We work on representing various issues related to our professionals and patients.

Key issues we achieved success through our union include - correcting the anomaly in total working hours, CNE for all in the institution, increase in staff strength, promotion of nursing personnel etc... There are many more things to achieve in near future....

I am happy to be part of our union.