Tell me what you think...........PLEASE....B4 I go CRAZZZY!!!!

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:eek: :o :confused: I just took Nclex PN, and I think I have failed!! I graduated from Practical Nursing in May with honors, but my NCLEX wasnt anything like we had in school!! I could tell that my questions were really hard, then they seemed to get easier. Then I panicked.........I thought...... Oh NO!! I am not doing to good, and it is dropping me to a lower level!! Has anyone ever had that happen to them?? The comp. shut off at 85, and I feel like I needed more time to prove myself!! There is not one ounce of me that feels like I passed this test!! Someone PLEASE give me some feedback............the wait is KILLING me!!! Thanks....Lisa

Don't be so hard on your self!!

When I took my RN boards the computer logged off after 80 questions. I thought for sure I failed. It was over and I did my best. I took it easy and let myself feel the relief of having the test behind me. If I failed well I'd take it again. Relax and don't worry. You did your best. I'm sure you passed. Good luck and let us know when you get you license in the mail.

Relax , you passed . I am almost positive you did . As you said you did well in school . I felt the same when I took boards. I think the waiting is part of the test . If it don't kill you , you will be able to handle the stress of nursing ;) . Good Luck to you , as you start your new adventure in nursing. :D :D


Congradulations and welcome to the nursing profession!!! Relax and try not to worry too much over the test! I know that is so much easier said than done, but it is really good advice.

When I took the boards, my questions started out easy, got noticeably harder, then became easier again. I think it sounds like you answered enough of the harder questions to determine competancy and then the computer exam became easier again for you. Remember the concept to the computer exams is to determine the minimal level of competancy!

I wish you the best of luck, it sounds as if you did well!! Please keep us posted on how things go, and enjoy yourself a little.



From what I know of the "new" computerized test, I believe you passed. I am "old" and took the test on paper. It was 2 days of testing. I don't remember how many questions there were. After the first day I was convinced I had failed and would have to repeat the test. The bar in the hotel had a special on gin and tonic, so I got very drunk and took the second days tests hungover, wearing sunglasses. I passed. Congratulations. Gary


Well I'll be crossing eyes, ears, fingers and toes for you .

If you pass congrats.....if not as my Daddy used to say....

"If at first you don't succeed.....keep on sucking til you DO succeed!

But all the worring in the world won't get that envelope to you any quicker.

And Gary, yeppers I recall those two days with terror!!!

I took my boards with 2 ladies from nursing school and as I was moving along, I thought,"None of this sounds familiar!!" After we got done, we walked out of there convinced we had all failed. They were crying, and we went to a bar, got drunk, and went home. Imagine our surprise when we were notified we passed!


I really believe you did just fine. It is my understanding that the earliest PN boards click off is 85, is that correct? I have come to the conclusion that there is NO WAY, unless you missed almost every question, that the computer can decide you haven't passed that early. And if you did that well in school, I am certain you could not have failed that miserably.

Let us know as soon as you hear!


Sorry, Lisa, not Darlene!

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