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Just wanted to know if anyone had instructors that were so mean, and maybe so nice that they would make it into the record books:)

jschut, BSN, RN

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I have instructors that are so's hard to believe that anyone would not like them.

But there is one......:eek:

She had an attitude from *&%$ this past winter...

We (the students) were told By her to be in the conference room at 10:50 am, so we could do our post conference and go to the banquet that the college was hosting for nursing students. Most of us were there on time, except two who were in a room with the instructor, learning to use a Hoyer Lift. About 11:20am, the instructor comes ranting and raving into the room, screaming about how she's not going to spoon feed us information and how we need to work as a team together, and so on and so forth... (We had asked our team mates if they needed help...they said no.) She screamed at me that my patients call bell had been on for a 1/2 hour and I had better make sure patient care was done before I left the floor...

I explained that I had all ready reported off to the nurse, and that since I was familiar with my patient in question, I knew her call bell had NOT in fact been on for a 1/2 hour. (I worked there as a CNA and knew this patient well.)

I went to see what my patient wanted, only to have the nurse (behind the desk) laugh at me as I was walking down the hall, and have the other CNA having a big guff while they were standing around doing nothing. She had us all running around like chickens with our heads cut off and looking like fools. All the while she was carrying on like a mad woman!:(

Anyway, to make a long story short, the next week, I discovered I was to be "counseled" because I had spoken to her in an angry and condecending tone??? , and was in danger of failing that class. Needless to say I was furious to think because of her temper tantrum, I was in danger of losing my career...:angryfire

But the calm demeanor of the instructor that had to counsel me said some very wise words to me and I was much more at ease with the situation and with myself.

I was fine until I had to have this instructor again as a fill in during Med-Surg. I was fine, no attitude, tried to stay out of her way....

She wrote on my weekly grid (that assesses our performance every week) that "there was no trouble caused". Now does that sound like someone that's got an attitude?????? I think so.

But oh well, she got her big hoopla.....

I am fine and I'm graduating in 7 weeks! So see ya later ya hateful, cantankerous thing!

That's my story.....



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Wow....we had one who always picked on someone the entire semester, and really made their life a living H***. :rolleyes: I don't know why instructors are like this... but I did an informal "survey" at work and asked how many of us had been told "perhaps we'd better choose a different career" at one time or another while we were going to school. Guess what?? Every single one of us. At least once. Is it a test???? :chuckle:


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OMG l still get IBS just thinking about this hellion!!!!! She was my instructor when l was in LPN school, and she had an expertise for sniffing out fear and trepidition. Well, l had no previous medical background, l was young, and l had a fear of DR's....l would get severe stomach cramps at just a whiff of that DR office smell when l was a kid..........Therefore, l was a prime candidate for instructor saten. l think she ate fear for breakfast, washed it down with the tears of former students and then whipped puppies before she came to work. There was one other student who was harrassed even more than me, she was very timid and it showed. Nothing was ever done right, she would yell at you right in front of the pt. The beds were inspected with the scrutiny of an Army Sargent. l once gave an elderly pt a bath andwhen she inspectd HIM about an hour later he had this white grainy salt-like stuff on him, l really did give him a bath, had no clue what it was or how it got there...she called me a liar right in front of the pt and the floor nurse. l heard a rumor that a few years later she had a law suit against her for hitting a student on the hand with a catheter during a proceedure....but she's still there teaching......right down the road..........oh no gotta go to the bathroom.......thinking about this..........ohhhhh noooooo........


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My physio instructor ranks high on the charts for being impossible. He failed 80% of the class. He would lecture on glycolysis and would test you on DNA?

I could go on forever about him, but it would take pages. He really dislikes teaching physio, he only likes teaching micro and takes it out on everyone. He has been at the college for over 30 years and is "burned out".


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I had an instructor who would scream and belittle you if you got a dosage calculation wrong. He would say "please tell me what hospital you will be working at so I can be sure to stay away from there!" :(

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