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does anyone here use a telephone triage sheet? if so what kinda questions are on it. if anyone has a copy and can email it to me it would be appreciated.


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We have one. It includes all the basice info. name, g/p, edc, doctor, whether or not BOW are intact, whether the babies moving, and when the last MD appointment was. All that is part of fill in boxes. Underneath is several lines for "Patient complaint"

and below that is a space for us to write what we told the patient.

Next time I go to work I will get a copy to try to email to you.



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There is an excellent Tele Triage book JUST FOR OB...I will research its title and get back to you. Saw it and am considering purchasing it for my info and perhaps to help us build a tele triage protocol for our units.

I think you would like this as a basis for building a tele triage system that covers you legally as much as possible; it's a risky business we are in. Generally, at this time, I refrain from triaging anyone over the phone cause we lack such a protocol. I simply tell them to either come in for evaluation or page their doctors. Not very customer-oriented, I know, but it covers us and that is what we must do in these times. I will be back w/that name for ya Mark!


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Ours has: name/date/time, OB, EDC, Last vag exam/result, contractions/frequency, how they are tolerating the contractions (good, fair, poor), intensity per patient, fluid leaking/color, bloody show/amount/color, lost mucous plug, GBS status. Those are all fill in the check box or blank. Then there's a spot for "Other problems". Then there are several lines for "Advice Given" and at the bottom of the sheet are check boxes for patient teaching on: hydration, pain relief measures, fetal movement, nutrition, when to come to hospital.

It takes just a minute to fill it out, and most patients give you a lot of the info when they initially tell you why they are calling. Then we ask what is left. It works real well.

If you still want a copy, let me know.


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I would appreciate any copies you can send me thanks everyone!:)

my email is [email protected]


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I'm also very interested in any copies of these forms, telephone triage here right now has no protocol and everybody does it differently. My email is [email protected]



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Could I get a copy of the telephone triage form? You can e-mail it to me at [email protected]. Thank you.

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