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  1. I'm post graduation 3 years as an RN and my experience includes caring for ventilator patients in the home and home health nursing (elderly)/assistant living supervisor (same company). I just accepted a position as a telephone triage nurse in a clinic that has a large population of patients; specialties include family medicine, internal medicine, OB, and peds. After talking with the nursing supervisor and getting advice from others, it sounds like telephone triage is heavily regulated with protocols for the obvious high malpractice risks of the job. However, it also seems like there is still room for implementing nursing judgement with decisions and "working at the top of your license" with standing orders. This being said, I am hoping to get some feedback on any advice to prepare myself for this position from anyone who is in triage or has been. I feel OB/Peds are a weak area for me as most of my nursing career has had focus with geriatric/respiratory patients. Any advice will be appreciated. Please only positive vibes Thanks!
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    Welcome to AN! You may want to browse through some of the threads here. You may find all sorts of advice that you wouldn't have thought of asking.
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    I see this is an older post, but wanted to see how you are doing in your new role as a clinic telephone triage nurse. I'm currently looking into these positions myself and wanted to know how your liking it, what your finding are the learning curves, helpful resources and if your enjoying (hopefully you are!). Appreciate any feedback.