Telephone triage in southern california

  1. Just wondering if there are any companies in so cali hiring for telephone triage? I have experience in NICU, Newborn Nursery and recently started L &D. Thanks Are any companies homebased?
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  3. by   shecali
    hi there,
    I work for Molina Healthcare in Long Beach, Ca. They don't hire for home based positions, though. I know Healthcare partners has some home based positions for their telehealth program. My understanding is that it is based on seniority.
  4. by   rainesumner
    Hello: I noticed they are hiring telephone triage nurses at Molina. What are the shifts? Are they 8 hrs, 10hrs or 12 hrs? Thanks for you help!
  5. by   shecali
    hi there,
    the shifts they have are 5a-3p, 8-6p, 10a-8p, 12p-10p, 3p-1a, 7p-5a. As a new nurse they would schedule you to work 8a/10a/12p. If you have more questions send me a private message and I would be happy to answer your questions.
  6. by   rainesumner
    Thank-you! Yes I have some more questions. How do you send a private message on here? Or is it you just send me your email address? Mine is
  7. by   rainesumner
    Hi: Sorry I haven't gotten back to you until now...took some figuring out to as to why I couldn't send you a private message. I'd like to ask you alot more questions but I'm not allowed to send you a private message as it states 'Please note that we have changed our private messaging options. Members now need to have 15 post in order to use our Private Message (PM) System.
    ". Is there an email address that I can email you at? My home email address is Or if you don't feel comfortable about giving me an email address to contact you with, is there an email address of someone in the HR dept at your company that you could give me so I can email to ask some questions about the telephone triage position? Thank-you very much for your help.
  8. by   telemedRN
    I work for a large HMO type organzation and they hire for home-based triage positions. It is a 24/7 job so all shifts can be worked.
    The training is extensive and in-house w/a minimum of 3mos before going "remote" It's the toughest job I've ever had to learn but I love working from home. They train in San Diego only right now.
  9. by   rainesumner
    Thanks for this info! What is the name of the company in order that I may contact them. Also, what kinds of shifts do they other words do they offer 10 hr shifts or 12 hr shifts? Or CWW (condensed work weekend....meaning weekend only shifts?) Thanks for your help!
  10. by   telemedRN
    Good news, go to website for info or avail positions in telemed in SOCAL. The site is new and has a lot of info. Tell them Mary Lou sent you........
  11. by   telemedRN
    the positions are 32 and 40 hr weeks, every other weekend, 8 hrs shifts. all three shifts. No weekend only positions. We have a union so we are regulated by the contract but the pay is good and the benefits are exceptional.
  12. by   jean7777
    I am interested in the KP ON Call job where one works from home. I used to work for Kaiser as an advice nurse in Sacramento, but I moved to Arkansas. Does anyone know if Kaiser would hire me to work from home in Arkansas? I'm capable of going to San Diego for the 3 months training.
  13. by   telemedRN
    Check out the website, who knows what they will do. The union is pretty strict and also you have to have an in-person mtg w/you supervisor qomonth. Plus, if anything goes wrong w/your computer on a day you're sched to work, you have to go in to the office, so that is another major problem. Good luck
  14. by   jean7777
    Thanks TelemedRN. I sent in my resume so we'll see what happens.