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  1. I'm a writer looking for information on telephone triage nursing for a piece....I'm interested in learning the average salary for this position (I'm aware that this varies greatly depending on region).
    Can anyone please help?!
    Email me at
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  3. by   lita1857
    I'm not sure I have what your looking for but i was one of the nurse's starting Pediatric Telephone Triage in Rochester(1996) and have done peds triage since 1993. If I can help e-mail me Good luck
  4. by   YADA-YADA
    I have a friend who does telephone triage in northern Ma. Pay range is 18-21 and hour.
  5. by   kst
    For RN's doing nursing triage in a marketing based call center in Texas, $18-20/hr.
  6. by   sbelle
    In northern Maine rate of pay $12.00hr(new)-$17.00hr(veteran)for hospital based system.
  7. by   callnurse
    Dear Seeking Info: You are correct, it does depend greatly on the
    region. I live in the Southeast, and did telephone triage for one
    of the large teaching hospitals in NC. When I resigned my job
    3 months ago, I was earning 46000+ annually. I was a State
    employee, whose salary was paid on a grading scale, and the amount depended on the length of time spent in the State system. I had been with the system over 6 years. If you need more information, please email me,
  8. by   SHERCAT
    I am in S. Cal but being transferred to Atlanta. My salary will go with me. I am making in the high 50's.
  9. by   KidzRN
    I too work in the Southeast for a childrens hospital. They offer 14.00(hr) for new hire or new grad, with 2.75 evening diff and 3.75 night diff. I was hired during a desperate shortage and started at 15.50 (base rate). In my one year so far, I have received 3 raises which upped me to 17.25(base). I work nights now for close to 22 an hr. I COULD totally work from home and get paid 3.25 per call (I can feasibly do 8-10 calls an hour which could mean 25-30 bucks an hour from the comfort of my home).
    I enjoy my "break" from the kids so I prefer to actually go into the office to work.

    Hope this helps!