job interview Friday

  1. Hello ladies and gents.
    I have a phone interview with Intellicare this Friday. Any tips for good
    questions you would ask???
    I have 23 years of nursing a mix of hospital, home health with quality improvement and teaching. Relocating to another state and hope this
    will be a job I could do at home either until we settle or just like it and keep
    it. I am used to a quick pace and home health care nurses are giving phone
    support daily. I thank anyone with tips/comments. Many thanks
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  3. by   movealong
    Hey Sammie, good luck! I work for Intellicare currently. Let's see if I can remember anything from my interview.

    I believe they give you a little test, if its a nursing position. I did it when I interviewed in person. Maybe 20 questions on different health questions, mostly on triage process. I can't remember any of them specifically, it's mostly about how to handle calls. Like making sure you always tell the caller what signs/symptoms to watch for that would indicate they would need to call us back, or which s/s would indicate a need for 911 services.

    When you have a caller who likes to ramble, what do you do with them? Keep leading them back to the purpose of the call: How can I help you today?

    Making sure the caller understands we are not here to diagnose, but to help them find the best option for care ie: ER, appointment in the next 24 hours, or in the next 3 days, or no appt needed, just home care.

    Maybe a few questions like what topic/guideline would you use for a person complaining of this or that? Like a man calling with c/o indigestion. Would you use chest pain or or a GI guideline? Chest pain.

    They will ask you about your nursing experience and a mix is always good.

    Intellicare is fast paced. 75% of their staff works from home. They want staff who are familiar with computers, instead of having to teach you the basics.

    Lastly, they want you to flexible in your hours. I cannot stress this enough!

    Good Luck! What position are you trying for?
  4. by   gypsyatheart
    Hi, just curious, do you work from home? And for the nurses that do, do you have to live where they have local offices? Thanks!
  5. by   movealong
    Hi moondancer. Yes, I do work from home. It's wonderful for me. But I do live near a call center. Not everyone does though.

    I'm not exactly sure on their official policy on this point. I've been told when I move ( which I plan to do this summer hopefully, I will end up nowhere near a formal call center) but I have been told I can take my job with me. That was the whole point of my taking this job: It will allow me to relocate to a smaller town and not have to worry about having to go back to hospital work.

    Of course I will double and triple checking about internet service providers in the area I plan to move to. How fast the connection speed is, and how reliable it is. I cannot afford to lose a connection for whatever reason and be too far away to drive to a call center to finish my shift hours. That's just me and I have a tight budget.
  6. by   Sammie
    Thanks to everyone this is a spooky and exciting time for me as a nurse. I
    teach computer use here at work so I am comfortable with the PC's.
    Are any of the jobs part time? Or are they all full time.
  7. by   movealong
    sammie, I don't know what jobs are open, I thought you would know since you are having an interview?

    Anyway, good luck!
  8. by   Sammie
    The company rep. never called me at home as planned.
    This was a pre-employement interview, no set job.
    I triple checked and their confirmation email listed time
    date etc.
    Not a good sign.........
  9. by   nightingale
    Not a good sign at at all. Maybe there really was an emergency. Are you going to call them on Monday?

  10. by   Sammie
    Well Monday was a call that an emergency had come up on Friday.
    So we agreed to try again this Thursday. I will cross fingers and toes and let everyone know
  11. by   nightingale
    Thanks for the update Sammie:

    It is good that they called. Good luck again!