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I just finished my first week of training for telephone triage. I have 3 more to go. This is the answer to my prayers! :hatparty: What a wonderful alternative....I can still use my nursing... Read More

  1. by   IloveSnoopy
    I am so happy and excited for you.....It's so nice to finally find a nitche'...u know? I interviewed for a telephone triage job last week and I am anxiously waiting to hear if I got the job. You are right...you can still use all your nursing skills and knowledge...but just in a different way. I've been wanting to get into telephone triage for awhile now (just look at my past posts on this forum..lol) and I'm so fortunate that a full time position has opened up at my facility. Actually my cousin has the position right now and is moving into the shot room instead...so she gave me the heads up. I"m not saying that I will get the position...but I am the only one that has applied from in house...so I'm hoping my chances are good. I had mixed feelings at first about leaving med/surg....but I know that this is what I really want and i just needed to get the courage to go for it. Anyways...I'll let you know if I get the job...maybe we can correspond since we will both be just starting out..right?? Again...congrats and I'm so happy for you..
  2. by   webbiedebbie
    Hey Snoop...good luck to you and yes keep me posted.

    Last week was the "honeymoon" stage. This week I know this is what I want to do, but I am literally overwhelmed with information. Our preceptors describe it as being in kindergarten. It sure feels like "first-year nursing student". They say it will take about 6 months to feel comfortable.

    Anyway, let's do keep in touch and I am praying that you get the position!
  3. by   IloveSnoopy
    HI Debbie,
    I don't know if you've been following any of the general nursing boards or not but I just wanted to let you know that I did receive an offer for the job. She said that they (her and the clinic DON) were both really impressed with my interview and that they would really, really love to have me. I was so excited UNTIL she mentioned the pay. It will be a 6 dollar an hour paycut....eeeek. I'm still weighing out the other benefits like day hours, every third or fifth weekend, holidays off (unless they fall on the weekend..then we do every other), physically less demanding,etc, etc.

    I've really been mulling it around in my head and deep down I feel the job perks outweigh the paycut....and like my hubby said "the more you make, the more they take"....so maybe they will take less taxes out and it won't end up being as bad as we think....(make sense??). My hubby didn't sound real happy about the paycut but he also said (and I thought this was really sweet)..."I wan't you to be doing something that makes you happy, and I don't really think that your current job is making you happy".

    I don't know....it's been tough..but I think I will end up taking that job as I really,really ,really want it!!! I am going to call her today and ask if I can shadow sometime soon just to make sure it's what I really want before signing on.

    Ok..how's your job going?? Great I hope?? Ok...I'll keep you posted..
  4. by   Jerry 75
    Your OB/GYN experience will be a big help.
    OB/GYN Neonate, Pediatric Rashes are not my cup of Tea
  5. by   webbiedebbie
    UPDATE: My dream job was cut last April (2009) due to the economy! Other companies I have looked into do not compare. I am having to do telephone triage with a smaller company part-time.