Health Dialog ??

  1. Anyone work for or know of Health Dialog?

    Just did an initial interview with them for a Health Coach position. Appears to be similar to telephone case management and a very interesting position. I love the patient centered philosphy with an evidence based approach.

    Would be grateful if anyone could tell me the atmosphere working for them since I have a track record of winding up in toxic environments (at least the bedside nursing ones). I am scheduling a January on site interview and very excited about the possibility of finding my nitch-hope I am not deluding myself.
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  3. by   nursechick182
    I just started working for them several months ago. I love it. I really hated hospital nursing, and I was really searching for something more meaningful. I feel that it is an incredibly supportive environment and when you get good calls, you REALLY feel like you impacted someone and made a difference. And getting paid holidays that you don't have to work is amazing (I've never had that before!) People with complex conditions are in such a need for education, and the company is solid and is only growing. I have made lots of friends at the company and most of my coworkers are very very happy. My only downside is that it does get monotonous sitting at a desk for 10 hours ( I do the 10 hour shifts). I wish we had an exercise room and more breaks to get up and exercise. I try to get up every hour to stay active. But that is really my only con with the job. I'm really happy with it. Feel free to PM me for more info if you would like.
  4. by   BizNurse
    Do you work the triage nursing with them from home?

    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
  5. by   nursechick182
    No it's at a center, and there are only a few centers across the US, and one in the UK. And it's not really's more of disease management and helping people make better informed decisions about their health. We can do symptom checks as a form of triage to see when people need to seek care. They said possibly at some point they could transition to work from home, but that's not the case anytime soon.
  6. by   Ruthiegal
    I work with their Tool the Healthwise Knowledge Base for my job as a RN-Health Coach for an insurance co. I have been using there tool for the past 7 years. I have heard they are a good company to work for, but do not have first hand knowledge. Good Luck and I hope you like the new job.
  7. by   pmnikki
    Do you know of any companies that offer this same type of nursing position in California? I have found several companies such as Health Dialog and Healthways, but they do not operate in California. Any suggestions?