First level telephone triage nursing

  1. Hi everyone.
    I have never done telephone triage, but I have just been hired to be a telehealth coordinator from home part time. The pay is far less than what I am used to, but I will be working from home. Basically how they explained it to me is that the are giving me a laptop and I will be able to see the patients vitals from various parts of the country and if it is abnormal I have to call the corporate office to have them send out a home health nurse to check on the patient. Oh, of course I would call the patients first and see if they are symptomatic.

    The job is very flexible and you work at your own pace and you are done when you are done. I am not used to that. I guess from working in ICU I am used to reacting to a problem,trying to fix a problem and the rigid schedule. I will be crosstraining to work in the office as well.

    I dont want to lose my critical care skills so I would like to work 3-4 days a month in the unit.

    Has anyone had a job similiar to what I described?? Are there different levels of triage??

    I was told that once you notify corporate to send a nurse out--thats it. You dont have to recheck on the patient. That maybe difficult because I am used to implementing something and going back to recheck. This is just my first week and I am very happy to have a very low stress job.

    Thanks for your input!!
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  3. by   Bumashes
    Geez! Sounds awesome. What company is this?
  4. by   G'smommy
    I don't think there are different levels of triage, so much as types of triage. The job you are describing sounds like a non-licensed person could do it. Is it an RN only job?
  5. by   RubyRN,CHPN
    Hi Chica,

    I work currently work in home health as an after hours telephone triage nurse without the benefit of telehealth. I have excellent computer skills and often in the abesense of a capable caregiver to take vitals have to make professional judgement whether or not to send nurse to see pt's after hours or on weekends. I am very interested in getting some telehealth skills and would like to know what company you work for---it sounds exciting!!! You can either reply directly to the board if you are comfortable giving that information out or send me a private message. I'd love to hear from you!!!