Advice Line Nursing???

  1. Can anyone give some pointers about working from home doing nurse advice line? Why's the best shift (five 8 hr shifts/wk)? Transitioning from the floor to this? All advice is appreciated!
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  3. by   middleagednurse
    All phone triage jobs are not the same. You probably will not have a choice of shifts. However, 8 hours of talking to people on the phone and you will be WORN OUT. You may have to work in the office for awhile while you learn the job. The more nursing experience you have, the better.
  4. by   TriageRN2012
    Some pointers for WAH triage RN,s
    you have to do research which you are already doing.

    You have to be self disciplined to work from home.
    The busiest hours are Monday's and Friday's during daytime Weekends always especially before or after a Holiday.

    The positions I know of are measured in volume and metrics set by the company.
    My average calls per day on a busy shift upward to 100 on a average day 50 to 75 during a 8 hour shift with a lunch break and 2 breaks in between.

    I would be not telling you the truth if I told you it was easier than working in the ED or any other unit at a busy facility.

    It is stressful because of the time metrics set in place to handle calls.

    The pay is lower much lower than what
    I was used to bringing home to manage the household budget.

    If you are on the clock there is no time for taking care of children knocks on the front door or bathroom breaks.

    All calls are recorded and you will meet with your Supervisor monthly weekly depending on your performance.

    it is a great job if you do not mind following / learning another set and subsets of directed dialogues i.e. Triage questions and also use your nursing skills within the frame permitted with each call.

    It can be a useful tool or a tool that can hinder your best judgement.

    There are many other duties that come along with the positions liscensure in all states some states education and learning new client databases.

    The starting pay I have seen has been 21 per hour. It really depends on what state you reside in and which company you work for.

    After a shift the last thing many of us want is to answer another phone call work on a computer it's almost as if your ears hurt or become sensitive to noises and your voice becomes quite strained on busy days, just peace and quiet after a shift which can be difficult to do with a family.

    Your commute is a few steps away to your workspace at home which can be good and bad. You work and live at home.
    Some nurses love this some get used to it some never get used to it.

    You can always give it a shot and see if it is for you.

    You have to learn how to take direction and control of callers on point which is not always easy to do but it can be learned with time.

    i hope this helped you a little ...if you do enjoy the work great.
    The companies know that they have to hire enough nurses because half will stay the other half will not.

    keep us posted and best of luck with your new position.....
  5. by   clane_rn
    Thanks so much for the response. I've decided that the telephone triage isn't for me and I'm actually exploring preservice review nursing. It's still a WAH position...