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Hello Everyone,

I am foreign trained nurse (Europe) who just passed NCLEX and was hired by huge CA teching hospital to work at Telemetry Unit.

Is it hard to start working there? You know I have just 1 year of nursing experince and it was in Europe 2 years ago. On the other hand I think that I am smart peson and I used to be one of the best in the nursing school ( many ears ago).

Can I make it?

Thank you for any reply.



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I am an LVN who has worked only on telemetry units, I love it and can't imagine doing anything else. If you are willing to learn and don't mind stress at times then you will do fine.:) Are you going to get an orientation of some sort on that unit?


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I am a new grad RN on a telemetry unit and that is all I have worked since graduating in June of 2003 I have taken the CC1 course and learned alot from my collegues. It is really a good floor to work on and I think you will enjoy it if you get a good orientation. For example one hospital that I work at draws cardiac enzymes q6h while the other draws them q8h you just have to get the protocols right and everything will be fine


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you should do just fine. just make sure that they give you an adequate orientation. remember that amny of our drugs do have different names, especially the cardiac ones from what you are used to. this will probably be the hardest for you.

good luck and welcome to :balloons:


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Just remember that if the pt is asymptomatic, that "one time " 3 beat V-tach doesn't mean squat.

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