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Quick question, are there any typical nursing organizations that cardiac stepdown / telemetry nurses join? It seems that joining the med-surg one doesn't really apply for telemetry nurses.

Thanks guys!

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There's the American Heart Association, Association of Heart Failure Nurses...


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Don't forget the AACN thru the PCCN certification.



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Thanks :)


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You can also join the American College of Cardiovascular Nurses, Inc. They are strictly a cardiovascular nurses organization and have a lot to offer, I have been a member since the late 90s and got certified through them.


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Thank you so much for posting about the American College of Cardiovascular Nurses. I had no idea this organization existed. I used to work as a CCU nurse and as a telemetry nurse, and yet I never heard about this ACCN! I just Googled them and checked out the website, Tomorrow afternoon I have a job interview for a position in a local hospital's CVPCU, so if I get the job in CVPCU, I will definatly be joining the American College of Cardiovascular Nurses! Thanks!

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