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What exactly is telemetery nursing?


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In hospital/nursing lingo is usually refers to a unit where patients are on cardiac monitors usually one to two leads and they are able to move around. In other words they aren't tethered to a bedside monitor. The monitors are watched remotely at the nurses station by RN's or a a monitor technician. Also in some hospitals they may have several units that have telemetry monitored patients that are watched in one central location.

The need for tele beds has increased a great deal over my career. I have work almost 20 years in tele. Most patients have a primary cardiac disorder either congestive heart failure, and arrhythmmia, post MI, or coronary intervention, post open heart surgery or pace maker placement. Some are patients admitted for other reasons hip repair, post partum mom, pneumonia but they have a chronic heart condition they want to watch or a new something that pops up while hospitalized.

You get a pretty diverse patient population and use a lot of different skills. Good step stone to critical care.

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