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I just have a question for all you school nurses. Have any of your schools implemented telemedicine in your health clinics. My district has been throwing around the idea of getting this and I am just kind of curious about the pros and cons of this program. From what I have seen it looks like a lot more work for the school nurse and a lot more responsibilities as well. What's your thoughts?


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Does this mean the school nurse has to assess/treat from another location?

Or that I get to watch TV in my clinic now?


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Hmmmm. This might help me obtain my ultimate goal of school nursing from home.


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School nursing from BED? While I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta? This is getting better.

"Go away, kid...try to come back during commercials."

LOL That would be awesome! Actually, a computer terminal with a high definition web cam is set up in the health office that would allow the nurse to talk to a nurse practitioner. The computer system uses specialized medical equipment to view inside the students ears, throat, & nose and a special stethoscope which can display images or transport sounds through the internet to allow the nurse practitioner to diagnose and treat.


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Wow, this sounds like the school clinic would become a Minute Clinic. Would the school clinic then begin accepting insurance plans, payments, Medicaid, etc?

My current situation definitely does not involve diagnosis and it's not on the forefront at my little private, 450-kid school. I can't imagine how tuition rates might rise if we added Telemedicine. And I can't even begin to imagine the amount of clinic "abuse." Parents already drop their kid at the front door in the morning and their last word is, "go see the nurse on your way to class" for every, single little minor thing.

Of course my perspective is probably different that nurses at a large, multi-campus public school. I'd be interested to hear others' perspectives.

But I still like Old Dude's idea of school nursing from home. I could eat chicken wings while treating a bloody nose...finally!

The visit ,as I understand, will be billed to insurance. It would be like going into a walk in clinic or urgent care clinic. The only difference is I am the only nurse here and my office is the size of a closet.(It really was used as a custodian closet before I came here.) Oh the prestige of being a school nurse.;)


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My district has a NP on staff for 14 hours a week to serve students (with parental permission/accompanyment) and staff. She is contracted from the large medical center nearby. I have no idea what it costs the district but they say it cuts down on our insurance costs by not attending an actual urgent care. She also has some school nurse duties. The staff loves it.