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Hi....I will be graduating in Dec. 2003...I really want to do L&D but we have had a few recruiters come in and they were really emphasizing tele.....I never thought I would even consider doing anything other than L&D....but for some reason the challenge is intriguing to me.....

I was just wondering what you all thought of new grads on a Tele unit....Can you please tell me more about what is involved while working Tele.....and would you recommend it?? I don't know if I should trust the recruiters because after all they are recruiters and they seem to glorify everything.....

Any input is appreciated!!:D


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Wow that is a big change from L&D.

I went to Tele as a new grad and have never left. I thought it would be a good stepping stone to CCU. But I have been very happy and it has been over 15 years. I have seen a lot of changes in the kinds of patients we see in those 15 years. Bypass patients first day post op, ptca without lines, dopamine gtts, we get a little bit of everything. Even a few post partum moms each year. It will give you a good solid Med/Surg/Cardio background

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I was lucky enough to get to work Tele as a nurse extern prior to graduation. It honed my assessment skills and gave me a wonderful base of knowledge to jump off with once I graduated, into of all things, Labor and Delivery. It was especially helpful, I have found, in caring for preeclamptic and PIH pts. We give them the same BP medications, and because of my expeirience in Tele, I have a great working knowledge of these medications.

Good luck in making your choice!

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