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I was wondering what kind of jobs some of you who have worked for a hospital in order to qualify for tuition reimbursement have done? I am thinking of taking a dysrhythmia class this fall so that I can qualify to be a Monitor tech at one of the local hospitals here. Has anyone out there done this? Or do you have any other suggestions? I don't have the time/money to take a CNA course and would not qualify to be a CNA until after the first 8 weeks of the nursing program. I hope to start nursing program next fall if I get accepted. Another reason to work at the hospital is that the nursing program looks favorably upon people who are already working in a healthcare setting and as competetive as it is to get in, I need all the points I can get. I love to read the posts on this site, although I post very rarely. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. :)

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I will be watching this thread like a hawk, as I'm in a similar position. I'll be going to nursing school in 2006 if all goes well and I'd like to do something health related in the meantime, but unless I can find a supply of hospital positions, I don't think a CNA position would be right for me. Any suggestions for other things to try and get certified in would be great!



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I currently am a ward clerk (like a secretary) for the med/surg and ICU ward at the hospitial where I work. They offer tuition renbursement as long as you are a full time employee. I work the 2nd shift so I can attend classes during the day. Other places that you could consider would be medical records, lab, housekeeping, dietary and admissions. The way I figue it as long as they give me a job and are willing to pay for my education I`d do almost anything!!

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I have known several nurses whom have accepted tuition reimbursment or paid tuition from an employer, in exchange for a two year or longer employment obligation to the employer. All have regretted it.

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