So I'm going to be taking the TEAS test next wednesday, (March 9th) and I'm SUPER SCARED. I'm going to be honest and say I've only studied about a week or so due to being extremely busy with the classes I'm in right now. I'm expecting I might have to take it a second time, so I'm just going to keep studying and studying until then. Anyone else out there taking the TEAS or have already taken it?? How is it? How did you do compared to how much you studied/didn't study? Any tips?

I took it a month ago. It was hard. Science was the hardest. I didn't do well in that. I received my acceptance this week. Good luck!

I studied for a month, the test varies on whether it will be hard or easy. For me the hardest was reading, because it was so much and not enough time. Some people do well after studying for only 1-2 weeks. It all depends on the person. I wouldn't stress it, especially days before your exam, keep studying, concentrate, relax, and you will do fine. Best of luck! [emoji4]

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Am doing my teas too dis April hoping for the best though the college am aiming to get in is so competitive...I hope I do well.Lets keep studying.